10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be A Fashion Slave


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There are a lot of very good reasons not to follow fashion trends. So, do not worry if you simply cannot face wearing anything that’s deemed fashionable. It is not important if you are wearing something that is “in” or not. The more important thing is to wear what really suits you and what you actually like. In this article we will discuss some of the reason not to follow fashion trends and why you should look for clothes which are more suited for you and not for everyone’s taste, which is usually very odd and expensive, too.

1. Fashion trend can be ridiculous

One of the main reasons not to follow fashion trends is that fashion can be extremely ridiculous. Usually, a lot of catwalk trends are not meant to be worn in real life and they are filtered down in a more wearable and diluted form for the high street stores.

Such clothes are designed for people who have a strong personality, and if you are not one of them, then there is no reason for you to look ridiculous. Each person has a different style and personality and therefore every person should buy things which will suit his or her personal look and character, and not the things which are the latest result of today’s fashion industry.


2. Individuality is important

There is nothing more annoying that seeing a few people wearing the same item which you have just bought. This is a big and common problem for all shoppers who carry things they deem to be fashionable, but in reality, every real shopper probably already has the same item.

The items are often not so distinctive and you will probably have no trouble to recognize one on someone else. Therefore, people who avoid following the fashion are those who will more like to dress in an individual style which suits them best. So, if you are looking for the new items buy ones you like and not the ones you saw on a TV or some fashion magazine.

3. Be different

People who refuse to follow fashion trends are those who will be making a statement that they are different, unlike those who buy things which they see in magazines and TV commercials. Therefore, your and everyone’s style should never be dictated by designers, magazines or stores.

It is important to express your personality, taste, and style with items which suit you best and wear what you like, rather than be influenced by people, designers and other who just want to make money out of you. Be yourself, wear what you like, what looks good on you and always stand out from the crowd.

4. Fashion trends change quickly

One of the most irritating things about fashion trends is how quickly they change and what was good a few months ago, suddenly now is not. If you bought an item just because you saw it in a magazine, on TV, or in a store be prepared that soon it will become perceived as dated.

Furthermore, the second most irritating thing about fashion trends is how fast something is in, and later it’s not. For example, if you buy flared pants, one minute they are in, but soon they are out, and then again they are in. What’s up with that and how can someone keep up with such sudden and unexplained changes?

5. Not your style

Fashion trends can be all very well, but sometimes it is just not you, and then you should leave it well alone. Fashion depends very much on your personality, body build, size and etc. Often you will find items which are in fashion but for some reason, it just doesn’t look so great on you.

If something like that happens then you should pick up something else, which will suit you better. You should not care if an item is “in” or not as long as you feel comfortable wearing it and as long as it fits your personality, body build or size. Therefore, next time you go shopping buy something you like and not something which is on the cover of a magazine or on a TV commercial.

6. It’s expensive

Clothes which are designed by famous designers or popular fashion brands are very expensive. It is very rare to see that something costs under the triple figure price tag. When you go to shopping and you see a nice pair of jeans which cost 150$ you find yourself confused. What is so special about them? They look like many other jeans.

The truth is that the price is too high and the reason for that lies in the fact that they are made by some famous designer and you are paying for the brand, not the jeans. That is the only reason, and if you are smart enough you will not buy them there, but rather almost the same jeans you can find in a different store where the prices are significantly lower.

7. Does it actually look good

Also, one important reason why you should not buy items from famous designers and brands is that they genuinely aren’t particularly nice clothes, practically or aesthetically, most of the time. Not everything you see will look good on you as it does on the model, and for that reason, the clothes range from downright bizarre and incredibly impractical, to downright ugly.

There are a much better ways to spend you hard earned money than buying stuff which will in just a few months be forgotten and replaced with new items. Therefore, think again and think hard next time when you decide to spend your money.

8. Where has the quality gone

Back in the day, there was a certain pleasure in recognizing something that has been well made. Good designer use materials which are fit for purpose of an item. The item has to be functional, has to be aesthetically pleasing, and if it has an additional character to it, too, then that’s something else.

It’s not hard to tell if something that someone wears is well made. Unfortunately, today’s clothes are not made as they used to be. The market is huge as well as competition, so many popular brands are trying to keep up the pace and that means the quality of their products is not good as it should or as it used to be. So, if you are going to buy an item, why waste money on something which is overrated and just too expensive.

9. Where and how are clothes made

A lot of high-end clothes are created in China for a significantly smaller cost. Many manufacturers do this and customer usually don’t have any clue. However, there is some control in quality, but for most of the time, it’s the same. People don’t pay attention to this because they believe in the product.

A lot of sophisticated manufacturing facilities are growing in China and other Asian countries, which is now a traditional stronghold for manufacturing, and not just the clothes. Poor, work-strapped areas are good for a smaller cost that resulted in lower quality of products which are sold to you for much higher price.

10. It’s all a big mess

Don’t bother yourself when it comes to fashion trends. If you are particularly fond of skinny jeans, don’t worry if they are not this season’s style. Sooner or later, in this fast-moving world of fashion, your skinny jeans will be the latest style again. Fashion should be fun for people, so don’t become a slave to it.

You may end up spending a lot of money on the items just to replace your perfectly good clothes, and the new ones may not even look good on you. Also, you will be down, because you know that the latest fashion style just doesn’t work for you. Don’t bother with that and wear what is right for you.

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