10 Reasons Why Younger Men Should Date Older Women

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Love knows no boundaries, in this, we are been assured many times. But when it comes to male-female relationships, the year difference is always an interesting topic, especially when it comes to the relationship between an older woman and a younger man. Here is why it is a good thing to date older women.

1. They are confident

Mature women are more stable and more secure in themselves and they know what they want, but what is more important, they know what they do not want.

And the woman who knows exactly what she wants is much more attractive to men. Although there are always exceptions, mature women have gained more of life experience and build their character, which significantly helps in decision making, both in life and love.


They are more likely to have a career and a family that cares about them. In essence, they have their own life. The guys will love that woman is not totally dependent on them. Older women will not allow themselves for her life to revolves only around the younger man, they will have their own priorities.

2. They are more tolerant and relaxed

Given that all of us over the years gain many life experiences, that is always reflected in our character and it affects our future decisions.

Therefore, women with richer experience are much more tolerant at life troubles and they resolve tough situations more easily and calmly, which regards as a very important characteristic to men.

Men say that older women don’t have irrational emotional outbursts like the young ones. That means less pressure on the man’s emotions. And since boys will always be the boys, and men will always be men, older women will cope with men’s mistakes much more relaxed, because they probably been there already, and probably more than just once.

3. They are sophisticated and more direct

Every woman will eventually build her own lifestyle that will radiate with self-confidence, that men, especially younger ones, consider as a very attractive feature.

Older women know exactly what they want when they want it and from who they can get it. And they will not have the problem to tell that directly to their younger dates. More mature women feel good in their own skins and they always strive for the best, rarely settling for anything less.

She will know where you should go to dinner, where to spend your weekend and where your vacations. This does not mean that you will have to do everything the way she wants it, just that there will be less “oh, I don’t know, you chose” conversations.

4. They are more selective

Although this feature at first does not sound so positive, in the eyes of a younger man it is a big plus. Women over the years are much more aware of their needs and they choose more wisely with whom they will spend time.

It takes very little time for them to realize if someone is not good for them. This is a great compliment to a man because this kind of woman chose him.

This means that she considers him to be mature and classy enough for her to be with him. So if a younger man and more mature woman click, that relationship could last, especially if it is up to her, she already thought it through.

5. They are independent

Like we said before, older women usually already have careers, family, hobbies and everything else that defines them as a person. This means that they are quite independent, which can be a double-edged sword.

It will give a certain freedom to a man but also it will limit them in their attempts to change those women according to their needs. However, mature women are very aware of what kind of men there are in the world because they certainly have the unsuccessful relationship or bitter love story behind them.

Therefore they will appreciate quality relationship and high-quality man if that is what they see in that certain man. Older women will rarely ask you to change but don’t expect them to do it either.

6. They are more open sexually

It has been proven that older women enjoy sex more than young ones. The reason is self-confidence, but also a better understanding of their bodies and their desires and needs.

Older women are much more open sexually, and also they are more open for discussion about what suits them and what not. The practice brings skills to perfection, so the older woman will always have few tricks up her sleeve.

She knows exactly what her body can do and what suits it, which will make everything easier for the men to satisfy them under the covers. Also, they had more time to experiment, so younger men will have bigger chance to try something more unusual with older women.

7. They are more communicative

You can hear it everywhere, the key to a successful relationship is communication. Older women are more communicative, therefore keeping the successful relationship is easier with them.

Older women are more eloquent, richer in emotional experiences of life, and with them, men will be able to talk about everything. Younger and older men find that very attractive.

The more mature woman will recognize the upcoming issue of a relationship much sooner than the younger woman would, which means that she will be able to do something about it before it turns into a big problem. She will confront her partner with it without any withdrawal and will know how to deal with it due to her experience.

8. They are not obsessed by having a perfect body

Men believe that even women’s wrinkles can be very attractive if she knows how to wear them. Older women are much more secure in their bodies, many of them already have children and are not burdened to look perfect and thin.

They are aware that they have flaws, but they are also aware that it does not affect the level of satisfaction that they can provide.

Women’s worries about their imperfections are usually teenage issues, while women who passed certain age start to embrace them realizing that no one is perfect and that men do not notice this kind of stuff if you have other to offer. They usually realize by that time that sexy body does not have to be the perfect body, there is something else to it.

9. They know how to show authority

When a woman takes over and poses as authority, she is sexy. Mature ladies do not have the nerves for various childish games and want to set things right if something is wrong.

In those moments she becomes dominant and a lot of men get turned on by that kind of attitude. And by this, we don’t mean just in a sexual way (although they do get turned on sexually in front of dominant women).

Men find women with attitude attractive. A majority of men say that they enjoy the company of self-confident women who act as they wish, regardless of whether it is in accordance with man’s desires. They look strong, and men like strong women.

10. They are not looking for a boyfriend at all costs

Most of the older women had several long-term relationships in the past, and are less burdened by the outcome of the next one.

Usually they also just want to have fun, and if something bigger comes out of it, great, but if it does not, then no sweat. This eases the situation for men who do not want serious relationship immediately.

Which means younger men, because they are almost always worried that if they get involved in a serious relationship too early, they will miss something important. So in older women – younger man combination, this comes as a win-win situation for both partners.

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