10 Secrets To Long Lasting Relationships

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What water is to the human body, love is to the human soul. We can have all the money in the world, but no amount can buy true love. Let us discuss some of the secrets that lead to a long lasting relationship.

1. Tell your partner what you want

Communication is vital for any relationship. Most relationships crumble because of the inability of one or both partners to tell the other about their basic needs. Your partner is not a psychic.

The next time you feel miserable about the other underplaying, go ahead and tell him/her rather than dropping silly hints and worsening the situation. Things are as simple as they look; make sure you don’t complicate it.


2. Live outside relationship box

You may be head over heels in love with him and maybe a little obsessed but snap out of it. Seriously. You have your own life to live, your own career to build, your own friends, interests. Be capable of your own individuality. You don’t have to be on the edge all the time, just because your partner wants to see you that way. You are in a relationship, not in someone’s custody. Express yourself freely and let that liberty flow. This will help you lead a life more fulfilled and independent.

3. Keep the flirting going

You want to feel loved and attractive to your partner. Your partner wants the same. And, honestly, you can’t wait for the other to make the first move. Tell something cheesy to him/her. Touch her in all the wrong places. Let your partner know how much you desire him/her.

Nothing should stop you from feeling young and in love again. Every day is a celebration and one should feel the positive vibes coming in from their loved ones. Don’t act as if your interest is fading day by day, rather make every day interesting with your partner.

4. Leave the past behind

Everybody has had heartbreaks. Whether it is a class 9 crush or a major high school whirlwind romance, you cannot let your previous relationships shadow your current one from being unique.

Taking a peek into your past or your partner is not going to make either of you happy and free. Trust your partner’s love for you. Nobody knows what future holds for us, but the only thing we can make exquisite is the present. You are here for a completely new reason than his/her ex.

5. Be thankful

Don’t forget the wonderful things your partner has done for you. If you can curse him for his negligence towards you, take the time to also appreciate the goodness he has done to you. Both of you are humans. Nobody was born perfect. Take time and thank him for being himself next time you see each other. It is this kind of mutual compliment that keeps the other person motivated, and thus, strengthens the relationship.

6. Honesty is the best policy

If you see yourself leading a happy everlasting life together, it is not without being honest about your feelings. You may have differences and it is alright to disagree. But being a hypocrite or hiding behind a mask is not a solution to a majority of your problems, most certainly.

Indulge in an honest conversation to build the trust your relationship requires. Do not lie to someone who has high expectations of you. You might know, how it feels to be deceived by a person who you trust.

7. Think before you speak

When you are having a fight, it all comes down to this. Don’t insult the other person. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Fight in a civil manner. In the heat of the discussion, one may overstep and end up saying cruel and mean things. Keep calm and take a pause from all this chaos. Resume discussion when the situation looks neater. Also, make sure to have a cup of cold coffee when making up.

8. Make time for one another

Everyone is busy these days and probably you and your partner are busy with your schedules too. But deciding to spend your life together entitles you to take some time off and catch up with what is new and happening in your partner’s life.

You can share your experiences too. Bring back the fun that brought you two together. Participate in activities like biking or watching a movie together. Nobody has stopped you from going on dates. There are seven days in a week. Devote a few hours to being with each other both physically and emotionally. Pure relationships don’t demand you to be at the feet all the time. If the love is true, the understanding will be strong enough to ignore the busy schedules.

9. Put your best foot forward

You BOTH have decided to be in a relationship. Don’t put the burden of its maintenance on the shoulder of the other. Give this relationship your all if you want to see it succeed. Each of you brings something unique to the table.

Some days you might have an upper hand and on others, your partner will. There’s nothing to feel up and down for that. Always remember, two people can have different opinions and you may not agree with them all the time. Respect your differences and see yourself together and happy.

10. Remember why you are together

Love is a mystery and probably the most complex unsolvable equation on this earth but it still exists only for some. And when you find that person, don’t lose him/her. Ask yourself why you are together.

If you know why you are together, you are on the right path. The moment you start doubting everything, you should know it’s time to give a break. Never make a drastic decision when you are angry since you never know what the other person has gone through. Don’t let off your love for a silly argument.

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