10 Things Each Woman Should Do Every Day

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We are all rushed, every day, all day. Most of us look back at the end of the day and wonder why we didn’t get everything done. However, chances are that we have too many things to do. But it doesn’t matter how busy we are, there are some things which each woman should do every day. Here is a list of 10 things which you should do every single day if you are a woman.

1. Brush your teeth

It can seem silly to mention this, but there are actually many women who do not brush and floss their teeth every day. Your adult teeth are the last teeth you will have, once your milk teeth are gone, and for that reason, you need to take care of them.

After all, who wants to sit close to someone, or even kiss someone, who hasn’t brushed their teeth that day. Not to mention the bad breath. There are many reasons why you should brush and floss your teeth every day, from a good impression and bad taste and breath in your mouth to hygiene and health of your teeth. Since it only takes a few minutes to brush your teeth, there is really no excuse for not doing it.


2. Drink water

Most people know that we are supposed to drink up to 64 ounces of water every day. But why we don’t do it? Drinking plenty of water has many benefits. Being hydrated will make you look prettier as well as healthier. For that reason, you should drink as much water as you can stand every single day.

However, as we mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you drink up to 64 ounces of water. If you already know that you can look and feel better by drinking recommended amount of water ask yourself why are you not doing it? If you are busy during the day or you travel a lot, make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you. This way you will always be hydrated, feel better, and look fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits

For many years, many of us also know that we should eat five servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. However, most of us usually get about one or two. Many of us also have a lot of excuses, although none of them are good ones.

Since there is actually no good reason, it is time for you to start consuming five serving of vegetables and fruits each day in order to make your mother proud. Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals which are essential for good health and fresh look. Just like water, you should always bring a small piece of fruit with you as a quick snack between meals. In addition, don’t forget to put vegetables on your next grocery list, since they are one of the best foods which you can get.

4. Be thankful

There are many studies which have shown that people who are grateful, and who verbalize their appreciation with a simple ‘thank you’ live happier, longer and more fulfilling lives. Besides, it is kind and polite to thank people when they do something nice for you.

Being thankful is also a reflection of good manners which many people appreciate. Just remember how you feel when someone is being polite with you. If you look on a much bigger scale, think about all thing in your life on which you have to be thankful for. After all, life is all about the simple pleasures.

5. Take 5 minutes

Take five minutes just for yourself. That is actually all you need. Take five simple minutes just for yourself every day. Shut off your cell phone, go hide somewhere quiet, and relax for just five minutes. Breathe. Reflect. Think. Unwind a little. If you can, close your eyes.

When you have had several minutes of calm just for yourself, you can get back to your daily tasks with renewed energy, no stress, and a better attitude. This is especially important if you are dealing with stressful situations, such as problems at work, family problems, or unexpected or unpleasant situation at the mall, bank, street, or any other place where you usually go.

6. Exercise

It can be difficult to motivate yourself enough to exercise each day. However, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. There are many ways to squeeze in exercise each day without doing a workout DVD when you get home or even going to the gym.

Park your car as far away as you can instead of trying to find a close parking spot. Take the stairs each time instead of using the elevator. You will be pleasantly surprised how many calories you can actually burn by doing these simple things and how easy it can be to do a little exercise each day. In addition, you will be thrilled with the extra energy. Regular exercise improves your mood, and you will feel and look much fresher throughout the day.

7. Read to your children

If you are married and you have children, find a good children’s book and make time to read to them before bed each night. It is recommended that you spend about 20 minutes reading. You can also let your children read a little if the, of course, can.

When you read make sure that you don’t rush through it. You should make it a pleasant experience, a tradition your kids look forward to. Read slowly, pay attention at the pictures, and savor the story. One your children become adults like you, they will be thankful for such a great and pleasant childhood memory.

8. Plan ahead a little

At the end of each day, you should take a few minutes in order to plan ahead for the next day or a week. Make sure that it doesn’t become a stressful experience. All you have to do is plan a little. What will you wear?

When will you get up? What will you cook for lunch or dinner? Do you need to buy something? Do you have a meeting? Just make sure that you have everything you need so you can sleep with an easy mind. By doing this you will have more spare time the next day, or during the whole week, depending on how much you have planned ahead.

9. Call your mom, sister or best friend

It takes only a few minutes to make a simple phone call and check in with the one person you are closest to, besides your husband, of course. By taking these several minutes each day just to say hi, you will let that person know that you are thinking of her.

In case both of you have time, you can chat for a while, even if you cannot talk for long since it is really important to touch base. Ask some simple questions, or about things which she likes. It’s that simple. This phone call will help you unwind and generally make your life happier.

10. Use SPF

People who have healthy, young-looking skin usually protect it from the sun as well as other environmental damage. Make sure that you slather on a good moisturizer with SPF built-in each morning. This way you will protect your skin and prepare yourself for the day.

However, if you spend a lot of time outside, you need to consider a sunscreen for the ultimate protection. Since good-looking skin is very important for every woman, it is highly recommended that you protect yours, before it’s too late. There is only so much time during a day, and sometimes it seems like we just need another minute, hour or more. However, these are things which we should always make time for, every single day.

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