10 Tips On How To Be Strong Woman In Love


1. Try to give more than you receive

Throughout the history women were those that received the attention of men. The men fought for them, the men had to won them and women were about accepting it or not.

Success relationships were measured by how much they were loved by their man, and how much attention he devoted to them.

Today, times have changed. If you want to be in love and still be the strong women stop thinking about how much you get out of that relationship and concentrate on how much you give. Prove your man that you love him, win him every day again. If you try you will see that it is just as fulfilling as receiving love and attention.


2. Loose all previous expectations

Every day we are bombed with a notion on what happy relationship should look like, especially in romantic comedies and various advertisements.

Most of the women create a harmonic picture of what they expect from her relationship and her man based on such content. Forget about all that. The things you see on TV is not real, real life is totally different. Even if you build your expectations based on the relationship of someone close to you, the situation is similar, they are not you.

Think carefully about what you love about your partner and build your relationship on that basis. You are two individuals and your relationship should be such, unique. Build your relationship on what you two represent to each other and not on some unrealistic expectations, which are what kills most of the relationship of the modern age.

3. Take responsibility for your emotions

Every feeling comes from within. Do not blame your partner if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with anything in your life. Take responsibility for your feelings.

Partner’s behavior can be a driver of dissatisfaction, but how you react to it, that’s what really matters. Blaming others for your dissatisfaction is the easiest way, but dealing with the source of it is the way to change something and make it better.

Then you can say that you have taken responsibility. Talk to your partner, explain to him in what way his actions make you unhappy. Maybe he was not aware that he makes you feel that way or through talking, you may find a compromise solution that satisfies both of you.

4. Be prepared to learn and to change

Realize that you are not perfect since no one is. Certainly, there are things in your relationship that you do, that makes your man dissatisfied.

Figuring out your own shortcomings and working on them is characteristic of a strong woman. Also, think about what makes your partner happy and make sure to do it. He will appreciate it very much. The quality relationship requires effort and work.

No matter how long you are together, you should never stop to do little things for each other. In this way, your relationship will always be fresh and you will avoid monotony. Make your man to over and over again falls in love with you and he will never be unfaithful.

5. Analyze the reasons of your fights

Most couples fight about the same things again and again. And in most cases, the reason for quarrel is something superficial, while the real reason is something completely different.

Whether it is one or the other, it is important to understand the essence of each of your fights so you can work on it to overcome it. And to be honest, usually, women are better at it. Analyze and think good about the causes and then present them to your partner.

Good communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. If you manage to reach the agreement, there will be less arguing and thus there will be more beautiful and happy moments. Do not let your relationship ends due to banal things about which you are constantly arguing, without delving into the issue.

6. Stay independent

At the beginning of each relationship, the couple has a need to do every single thing together, losing their individuality along the way.

Although in the first few months or even years you will want to do everything with your partner, it is important to retain your individuality. Some things still need to be done only by you.

Don’t neglect your personal hobbies and activities because in that way you will slowly start to lose yourself. Even though you are a couple, you are not one being. Eventually, when the initial flare declines a bit you will realize that you have done well. You will realize that you need time just for you and for your needs.

7. Respect his privacy and ask for the same treatment

Even though you do not have anything to hide from each other you need to respect the privacy of your partner, and he needs to respect yours.

Sharing passwords of your profiles on social networks can seem as a sign of love, trust is what you need to build. Reading your partner’s messages while he is taking a shower speaks about your insecurities, and that is something you should work on.

If you have some doubts about your man, talk with him openly, and get this sorted in the way that adults solve things. In return expect the same treatment from him. If you manage to build up the confidence you can be sure that you are in a mature and strong relationship.

8. Don’t be possessive and jealous

A little bit of jealousy can be cute proof of your love but being possessive and jealous all the time will bring nothing but trouble.

If you act like this beyond some normal limits you will seem insecure. If you are sure that you love each other there is no need for this kind of scenes and outbursts. Again, the same thing applies vice versa as well.

You are not your partner’s possession and he should act according to it. Both of you should live your lives next to each other but not make them the same thing. Show your trust for him and you will stand as the strong woman who can’t be easily intimidated by other women.

9. Support him and expect the same

Give your man full support, whether it is about his career or any other aspect of his life. Support from a partner means a lot to everyone.

It gives you the security, the wind in the back and a feeling that you are not alone against the world. Never betray his trust or discourage him from living the life he wanted to live. Of course expect the same treatment from him when you find yourself in big crossroads of life.

They say that small people try to bury your ambitions while great people always want you to succeed as well. So it is up to you two, whether you want to be a small or great person. But somehow we are sure you want to be the big one.

10. Maintain relationship with your girlfriends

Don’t lose other important relationships in your life just because you found your ideal match. Maintaining relationship with your girlfriends is very important for you.

You will need somebody to talk to your partner when you run on difficulties or about things that only other woman will understand. Even if you have less time for them when in the relationship, always find the time, at least once a week to spend some quality time with them.

No matter how much you click with your partner, relationship with a true friend is something that is not easy to replace. Many people make a mistake of losing prior relationships and when they romantic relationship breaks apart they don’t have anybody left in their life. Don’t make such mistake.

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