10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache


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Popping a pain reliever seem an easy way out when you are in a world of constant traffic jams, hectic schedules, and high-speed mobility. Here are 10 ways you can reduce the banging inside your head.

1. Pressing might help. A LOT.

Massage the skin between your forefinger and thumb with a firm, circular motion. Continue in this fashion for several minutes and switch to the other hand until the pain subsides. Massage experts believe this is linked to special parts of the brain where a headache originates from.

2. Water

Dehydration is most common cause of headaches and relief can be attained by simply rehydrating yourself. Alcohol can severely dehydrate your body resulting in post drinking headaches. Therefore this explains a headache and the vomiting from a hangover. Drinking a lot of water may do wonders in situations like these. Try taking small sips and keep your body hydrated throughout the day. The pain gradually subsides.


3. Cure by caffeine

A cup of strong coffee might give you a head start. Caffeine helps reduce the blood vessel swelling and diminishes headaches to a great extent. No wonder many painkillers contain caffeine.

Painkillers work faster with caffeine in them without which the pills would be much slower and less effective. But careful! Caffeine can act as a double-edged sword. You might find yourself abusing the painkiller simply looking to find relief.

4. Hot Vs. Cold

You won’t believe this but, soaking your feet in hot water can help your head feel lighter. By drawing the blood to your feet, it eases the stress on the head. The hot-eater foot bath does wonders! This might sound even more contradictory but you can follow this up by applying a cold compress to your forehead. Use a washcloth with a couple of cubes of ice or just simply use a bag of frozen peas! The head pain originates from the tension in the nerves at the back of your neck. Putting the compress there will relieve the stress you are feeling at the base of your skull.

5. A cool dark place to nap

If you have the time, try to lie down and de-stress for at least 20 minutes. Turn the lights off, draw the blinds and put all your attention into breathing in and out. Place a moist cloth over your eyes. Nothing will be better than a sleep or a quick nap at this point. Just make yourself comfortable.

Make sure the bed or the couch is comfortable and that your head is supported in such a way that your neck gets no stress. Dim the lights. Avoid bright and unnatural lights and make the atmosphere to suit your bedtime conditions. Wearing eye mask helps. Massage the sides of your forehead while concentrating on inhaling and exhaling.

6. Calm down

Being angry, irritable, frustrated, etc., may build up causing the muscle to reach a point where it becomes tight and this causes headaches. Seeking out professional counseling or psychological help for finding a solution to your everyday problems and how to manage emotions might be a long term solution to curing the regular headaches.

If you have a habit of gritting your teeth or clenching your jaw then avoid doing so. Yawning helps ease the facial muscles. Relax your face muscles. Practice certain specific exercises before involving yourself in stress generating activities like the exam, taking a drivers’ test, etc.

7. Munch on a gingerroot

In certain animals (including humans) lipid(fat) compounds within the cell is synthesized by a process called Prostaglandin synthesis. Biological processes like inflammation, and alerting neurons to pain are mediated by these fatty substances which act like little chemical messengers.

Some drugs such as aspirin inhibit its synthesis while certain enzymes spark off the prostaglandin synthesis. One other natural substance which inhibits its synthesis is Gingerroot. It also helps in easing the feeling of nausea when you are down with a migraine. So the next time you are home sick with a headache, consider having a nice hot cup of ginger root tea!

8. Posture matters

Posture makes all the difference in the world when it comes to tension-type headaches. How often are we guilty of having a wrong posture? A lot of us spend days working in an office sitting with a wrong posture staring at the screen of our computers.

Nasty headaches arise when we slouch, slump, and hunch forward. This strains our muscles resulting headaches. Using an ergonomic chair might do wonders if you are sitting for long periods of time, standing up relaxed, with an open chest, shoulder back, and your stiff neck will help in the long run. Posture is highly improved if you build your core muscles since the center dictates our ability to balance and strengthen support.

9. Apply something constructive

Take a bandana, scarf, or a necktie and tie it around your forehead to the point when you can just feel it pressure around your head. This reduces the flow of blood to the scalp and helps relieve the pain caused by swollen blood vessels. Moisten the bandana with vinegar or water to accelerate relief.

10. Do yoga

When leading fast pace life, busy and filled with more than a little stress, headaches are bound to find us. This is due to the knotting up of muscles usually in the upper back, neck, and shoulder. One thing that can help get your mind resolute, is a session of yoga. Extend out your muscles, and get yourself stretched in ways that can help you drop the stress. Yoga had been admitted to be the one solution to multiple problems. As the pain starts, you can start with a series of well-defined steps to relieve it. Few moves daily will help you, in the long run, preventing headaches before they can reach you.

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