11 Tips For A Perfect Holiday Makeup


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Holidays are coming and with them, parties, cocktails, and NY evening parties are coming as well. To shine on this special occasion we bring you 11 tips on how to do your makeup and look stunning. Consider these tips as a guideline for creating your own look according to your preferences.

1. Foundation and skin preparation

The good and properly applied foundation will help you hide away all skin imperfections and it will allow the makeup to apply more evenly. It will also help for the makeup to last longer. However, the good foundation does not mean overdoing it. Too much of it can make you look unattractive as well. For a good foundation, skin preparation is essential. Clean your face and moisturize well-using products for it, or make your own by mixing ground coffee and olive oil. The coffee will eliminate dead cells while olive oil will moisturize the skin. After you prepare your skin, apply only a thin layer of foundation distributed evenly for a fresh look.

2. Concealer

Another thing that is crucial for good looking skin is a concealer. Dab it on a problematic spot before you apply a thin layer of foundation. The shade of a concealer should be a bit lighter than your skin. If you have discoloration that needs to be covered use tinted concealer. When you put it on all pimples, moles and under eye shadows blend it well. For red imperfections use green or yellow tinted concealer to counteract red color. The concealer should be used, just like foundation, in a thin layer for most natural look. Applying it too much will make it visible during the night. Use concealer brush instead of your fingers to avoid bacteria breakout on your pimples.


3. Contouring

Contouring is a trend that has gained a lot of popularity in last two years. The goal of contouring is to make your face look oval and to pop cheekbones. For a regular day’s makeup you should do it lightly as possible, but since this article is about holiday’s night out you can and should do it more dramatically. After applying concealer and foundation take brown shadow or bronzer and apply it around the edges of your face, on your chin, jawline, and top of the forehead. After that apply it under your cheekbones, following their natural curve. Be sure not to go too near the mouth, which is a common mistake. Start with thin layer than build up.

4. Mascara and eyelash extensions

If your natural eyelashes are long and luscious apply mascara in a thick coating after you curl them up. However, if this is not the case, for special evenings like holiday’s night out get false lashes for a cheaper solution or go for eyelash extensions to a saloon and let professionals make you look stunning. False lashes look very glamorous and will give you extraordinary look. With false lashes or extensions, you will avoid curling your lashes and cleaning mascara clumps. Also, you will not have to check them for touch-ups all night. Go for a thick, flirty ones to achieve a glamorous look. If you chose to put mascara on your natural eyelashes be sure to pick quality product for long lasting effect.

5. Red lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic that will never go out of fashion. Choose bright red shade for this special evening. Find the perfect shade that will compliment your outfit and your skin tone. To make your lipstick last longer use a lip liner in a similar shade and apply powder between layers of lipstick if you choose one that is not glossy. For a glossy look apply lip gloss over the lipstick. To avoid drying your lips be sure to hydrate them all day. If your lips are very dry put a thick layer of lip balm night before, so that hydrating formula can penetrate your lips keeping them smoother the next day.

6. Smokey eyes

When we say smokey eyes we don’t necessarily mean gray to the black color scheme. Because this look is popular since forever and will be for a long time many variations came out of it. You can mix little purple or blue in it, or basically any other color that will match your outfit. If you are not used to wore this kind of makeup before, be sure to practice a couple of time before the big night. Dark eye makeup calls attention to eyes and you don’t want to ruin it by doing it wrong. Smokey eyes in combination with red lipstick will create a dramatic effect so if you want it to soothe it down choose a more neutral lipstick or lighter version of smokey eyes.

7. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is something you just can’t skip. They even say that eyeliner is every girl’s best friend. Not only that it will add the illusion of length and volume to your eyelashes, but it will also help widen your eyes and open them up making them pop even more. Liquid eyeliner will give you even more dramatic effect and it looks much cleaner that gel or pencil eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is more defined but also a lot harder to apply than other two kinds, so be sure to practice how to apply it, before wearing it. Again, it does not have to black one, dark blue and dark green are some of the colors that are available so choose the one that best compliments your outfit.

8. Eyebrows

Beautiful makeup on your eyes will mean nothing if your eyebrows don’t look perfect. Think of them as a frame that will help to accentuate your eye shape as well as makeup you put on. For the perfect eyebrows pluck the extra hairs out and then fill the gaps and shape them with a brow pencil. You can also use a brow brush to set the brows in place. If some of them just won’t stay where they should be, you can use brow gel to keep everyone perfectly in place. Don’t overdo plucking, because nature shaped eyebrows are trendy this season. Only get rid of those that grow outside of bounds of your basic shape. If you are not sure how to do it, let the professionals do it for you.

9. Glitters

Nothing says holiday like glitters. Just a subtle touch will transform ordinary makeup to holiday’s one. You can add it to your eyes by using glittery eyeshadow or eyeliner. Don’t overdo it because it will overwhelm your face. If you don’t want to put it on your eyes you can add a hint of glitters around your collarbone in the case you are wearing low neckline. You should avoid putting glitters on your face and neck only in the case of a shining dress. The thing you should also avoid is the combination of gold and red, meaning that if you go for gold eye shadow then be sure to skip red lipstick (there is no reason to look like Christmas tree).

10. Perfume

The best way to add a finishing touch to any holiday outfit is the good choice of perfume. Choose light and fresh fragrance that you like but be sure not to put too much of it. Perfume has the ability to lift a mood, to evoke memories and the most important, to make you smell really good. The fragrance should be chosen according to your personality because the fragrance you wear should capture the essence of your being. The perfume you wear can tell a lot about you to others, like for example are you playful, provocative or romantic soul. People will remember you by the scent you chose, so be sure to choose wisely.

11. Do something different

If you don’t want to go all dramatic for holiday night out, you don’t have to. But still, you should do something different than your usual makeup style is. It can be putting eyeliner when you don’t do it usually or just switch from lip gloss to lipstick. Changing anything will give you new and fresh look. And with the new look, you will fell prettier and more confident. Don’t go for a too subtle change, this is once a year style so let yourself loose for this special evening. You should go for a glamorous look and wear it with pride.

11 Tips For A Perfect Holiday Makeup

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