6 Unmistakable Signs That Imply You Must Leave Your Current Job


Career decisions are always tough to make. It might be hard to decide whether it is the right time to leave a job without making the alternative arrangement. However, do not wait to forsake your job if it shows up these six unmistakable signs.

1. You are sure you cannot take it anymore

Whenever you are sure of being unable to take the BS at the workplace anymore, go ahead and leave it. There is no ‘right’ time to leave per se! It is right only when you think it is. Several reasons can back up your decision. The pay may be peanuts.

The treatment may be compromising. The work is erratic. You may have to sit for hours without any work! Other reasons include a nosy boss, a delayed salary, and bad infrastructure. First, they provide you with a bad computer. Then, when you are unable to do something, they put the blame on you. Check out the other reasons below in details.


2. A sense of persistent insecurity

Many office managements manufacture a sense of insecurity when there is none. They always keep employees on tenterhooks. This tactic also allows them to keep the wage to a minimum.

When the insecurity at the office is persistent despite an obvious abundance of work, it is time to find a new place to join. You can always express your intention to leave work if you do not like it. All you have to do is to state your concerns in succinct emails and in face-to-face conversations. Remember, the time you waste here can have better use elsewhere.

3. Clever patronizing

Offices are like beehives of patronizing men and women. People just love to show their superiority in a fatherly, motherly, brotherly, sisterly, or friendly tone. Just avoid all BS by being good at what you do. Learn the ropes of the business before you forsake it.

You do not have to put up with a constant sense of imposed inferiority. Many bosses love to take the position of a friendly adviser (when all they want is a piece of you). Just be safe and learn the tricks of the trade. Remember to stay detached always in your workplace. Avoid open display of office romances.

4. You are sure of entrepreneurship

Many women leave their jobs when they are sure to tread the road of entrepreneurship. You want to open your own business and it can be the best decision you’ll ever make. All it needs is determination and knowing the right avenues of success.

In the era of internet, you can find clients and customers from anywhere in the world. Take the confident decision whether you want to proceed with a local business idea or with a national ambition. It will be difficult at first. However, success is yours when you hold on to your beliefs.

5. Twisting office rules in your case

Sometimes, offices retain the stress on their employees by twisting the rules as they wish. So, when you can expect a permanent position after six months of work, you may find the office turning a blind eye even after a year at the job.

You know it is the right time to leave. There will be exit interviews and all that formal protocols. However, these must not deter you from forwarding your resignation letter. Do not be afraid to throw the rulebook on the men who made them. In fact, they have the primary obligation to maintain the rules, not you!

6. Intrusion in your personal space

There can be different variations of this violation. Your boss may call you by a nickname! They may ask the password to your social media accounts! The HR may call you at untimely hours.

Sometimes, offices cleverly provide phone connections to employees and use this as a pretext to call a girl anytime! This is totally not right! An office may instill nonsense dress codes just to intrude the privacy of a woman subtly. You have to be sassy and strong in holding your position. Remember to mention all these points when you sign your resignation letter.

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