7 Parenting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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You can easily avoid these 7 parenting mistakes with some patience.

1. Too focused on career

Many parents tend to raise their children exclusively with a focus on their career. Actually, this is a wrong approach because you are hampering your child’s ability to make decisions. Everyone should have the rights to choose their own direction in life.

Your guidance should allow the ambiance of freedom to help the child choose the right career. Also, if you are not allowing the time for recreations, it gets oppressive. Yea, let him play video games or go out to the park. Just make sure that he is doing his homework on time. At a very young age, the grades actually do not matter. No job interview is going to see the grades of a young student!


2. Trying to make the child obedient

Many parents think that children should be scared of them to be obedient. However, you may be totally missing the point of understanding a child. Childhood is about the freedom of expressions. You will just have to let the child be instead of trying to curtail his freedom.

Obedience and discipline are different things. Mixing these up is common, but it is also a mistake. Discipline is nothing but inculcating a sense of time. Obedience is trying to get your child under your control. You may not need to control your child for his safety. All you need to do is help him develop a clear understanding of good and bad.

3. Not encouraging creativity

Creativity is the most natural expression of the child’s mind. An intelligent child should be curious and full of wonder all the time. When you are bogging down your kid with too much care or control, the natural blossoming of mind is hampered.

Besides the homework, you should also give your child the time to paint, sing, dance, or play an instrument. There are a hundred different expressions of creativity. You can help your kid with learning origami, playing scrabble, gardening, etc. The basic idea is to help the child to express his or her natural talents. There is this little girl called Mayhem who is already a sensation in creating amazing paper dresses! She even has her own website.

4. Venting the frustration

The adult life is super stressed these days. There is really no avoiding the harsh reality of life. However, many parents make the usual mistake of venting their frustration on the child. Yes, you may have a bad day at the office.

Does it justify that you go ahead and scold your child for no reason? May you have had a very bad argument with your husband? Does it make sense to hate the child for that? You say! Why don’t you just embrace your child and hold him close? That actually helps you get rid of your frustrated depression. Instead of venting your negativity with the child, the best approach is to mend the frustration right where it started.

5. Teaching the child to lie

Parent often think that lying is a survival thing one should adapt. This is totally wrong! Children are essentially heart beings and truth only comes naturally to the heart. Replacing it with lies is actually going to hurt the child’s soul.

When your child made a mistake, do not teach how to escape from the situation by lying. Instead, you should be teaching him to say sorry and never repeat the mistake. All you have to do is to explain why a mistake is a mistake! Children learn best by the truth. Even if it is a tough truth, encourage your child to have the heart to express it.

6. Neglecting what child is saying

You need to pay attention to what your child is saying. Many parents think, “Oh, he is a child. He can just say anything.” This is very wrong actually. If you are snubbing the naturalness of your kid, a distance also grows. Your child will not find the confidence to express next time.

You need to learn how to communicate with a kid as a kid from your heart. Parenting is also a growing experience for grownups. You learn a lot of things from your child every day. Have your mind freed of the ego of adulthood and learn to accept if your child says you are wrong somewhere.

7. Not respecting a child’s privacy

The privacy of a child should be respected. Everyone must have their personal space of thoughts, and your child is no exception. In fact, kids should have their own rooms as early as possible. Of course, you need to be a little careful as well.

Do not neglect the life of your child to allow privacy. This does not mean you will be keeping surveillance up always! All you have to do is to help the child develop a clear sense of right or wrong in the heart. Protection is there, not in the surveillance. Also, allowing privacy avoids the problems of pampering. If you are always accepting all demands of your child, then your child is taking everything for granted.

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