7 Sure Signs That Curvy Girls Rock


Almost all the divine women in the Renaissance paintings are curvy! Monalisa is a curvy girl. Venus and Madonna were painted as curvy! While a slim figure is definitely very beautiful, the sexiness of the curvy girls is also extraordinary. She is the one who has accepted herself just as she is, overcoming the constant expectation of the advertised world to show girls as skinny. She is she, an enigma in herself! Curviness has always been and will always be, as you can find in these seven signs of immortality!

1. Curvy in Barbie

The Barbie doll has been the quintessential creation of slim sexiness. However, in recent years, voices began to emerge pointing out the unrealistic portrayal of the feminine by Mattel. There was not any curvy Barbie well up to 2012.


In fact, you can even find an online petition from 2012 on the popular site Change.org asking Mattel to manufacture a curvy Barbie. Facebook groups discussed the realism in a proposed curvy Barbie. An artist from Pittsburg, Nikolay Lamm also went ahead and made curvy replicas of the most popular Barbie figurines. Mattel is definitely under the compulsion to bring Barbie into realistic proportions. In fact, the company recently released a doll with cellulite appearance in the thighs. Progress is happening.

2. Rocking curvy models

Many plus sized models are totally Rocking the ramps. They have their own facebook pages and sometimes even websites. These girls are steadily coming to be a strong voice in the modeling industry because many women want a realistic feel of the clothes on models with their curvy body types.

Natalie Laughlin, Maggie Brown, Barbara Brickner, Crystal Renn, and Kate Dillon are some of the top models. Crystal Renn has even featured on the international edition of the Vogue. Kate Dillon was named among the top 50 most beautiful people in the list of People’s Magazine. Models like Kitchi Cherokee are very active on Facebook and have thousands of people following her updates.

3. In Vogue

Getting featured in The Vogue is the ultimate proof of a strong fashion trend. Vogue has a separate section called Vcurvy on its online edition. It displays clothes, trends, styles, interviews, lingerie photoshoots, all for the glorious curvy women!

Body image perceptions are changing steadily and women are plain presenting any forced idea of being slim. Curviness is the new power symbol as men are usually known to feel intimidated. The women are finding this funny and jokes on timid men are actually quite common in the world of curvy women. It is a super hot trend with divas like Jennifer Lopez inspiring women to be who they are.

4. Damn hot curvy

The latest nude Kim Kardashian photoshoot with the champagne bottle is totally a victory for the curvy sisters! Balancing a glass of wine on her derriere, brave Kim totally did it! Her photos are still trending on social media and other places on the internet.

Steeped in pure lust, the hot curviness of Kim is totally a sign of these times. Many other top Hollywood ladies have been ruling the screen for many years with their graceful curves. Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, and Scarlett Johanssen are some of the most amazing actresses of nowadays. Curviness is being recognized as a sign of the self-content and powerful feminine.

5. Special online stores

Women can actually buy plus size clothing from almost any e-commerce store for garments. In fact, you can also buy from stores specially made to suit the needs of curvy women. These display the newest arrivals in different categories, including bridal dresses.

Sweatsuits, jumpers, and lingerie are among the different cloth items displayed at the sites. Shopping for clothes is often a big issue for women in the plus as stores usually maintain a traditional limit in sizes. However, the trend is shifting as companies are recognizing the strong buying potential of curvy women. These sites are like blessings for lingerie shopping, which has been a huge issue with curvy women.

6. The curvy businesswoman

Apparently, the curvy businesswoman is also a reigning trend. Probably, it has got something to do with the very strong confidence of curvy girls, that the enterprising ones are opening their own companies to take on the world.

You can actually find sites dedicated to curvy CEOs who are totally ruling in whatever they do. The assertion of authority is of vital importance for succeeding in business, and curvy women have it come naturally. They have their positions among the female power leaders of the business world. Besides being CEO, proud plus sized women working at different places also have their own web pages to tell the world who they are.

7. It is a hot topic

Curviness is totally a hot topic in feminist circles. The best and the strongest of men are also fully in support of their curvy counterparts. They do not feel intimidated whatsoever because their idea of the relationship is not based on domination!

Slimness is a good way to be, but the conventional man world often figures slimness as a sign of a woman who can be tamed. While this is completely stupid, it is also no less hypocritical to feel low compared in front of a curvy woman. This mindset is ingrained in the idea of seeing women as the sex object, and curviness is so considered an undesired assertion. Hopefully, the tides are changing with full force, made possible by women who will stop at nothing.

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