7 Things Your Husband Won’t Tell You


Check out the following seven things that a cheating husband carefully hides from his wife.

1. That, he is gay

Ultimately, it comes out as a surprising revelation to a wife when she finds her husband is actually having affair with another man. Being gay is wonderful, but denying the same when asked is deceit. Basically, it has nothing to do with love. Good gay men are wonderful lovers and cool people.

It is about hiding who you are. Your husband and his male partner may not even love each other. They may be just enjoying perverted pornography all day long! That is sickness, and it does not really depend on gender or sexual orientation as well. See, some bisexual men may be afraid of social taboos and they sadly lead a double life. However, perverts are always perverts. It is not about love with them.


2. That, he has no love for you

A cheating husband may never tell you that he does not love you. Really, it is actually tough to decide what’s worse. There are ones who tell you that they don’t love you, and there are the ones who will lie about loving you.

The worst thing actually is in losing the love. A person without heart is not a human being anymore! There is nothing humane left to see. Just because someone with a bank balance says he loves you does not mean it is true! In fact, love is such a precious word that it is really difficult to spell out when it’s true.

3. That all he cares about is sex

Your cheating husband will never tell you that he is actually treating you like a sex slave. However, very sadly, this is a true fact in most families. The woman keeps on loving him, and he keeps on using that love for deceit. Don’t just get used like a doormat, please.

It is harsh to say it out like this but unless you face it, you cannot overcome your dormancy either. Oppression is sometimes injected sweetly. You may not even realize that you are being used. Break out of these chains! You are divine. You will need to see things with the possibility of being open to everything. If you cannot believe that the person you love is a cheater, you cannot see through the lies either!

4. That money is always priority to him

Your husband will never reveal the fact explicitly that money is more of a priority for him than you are. Realize that money is important for life, not that life is important because of money. You need the resources to support your relationships.

You do not need the money as the key pillar of your relationship. There is always a difference as the legendary British band Beatles had sung, “Money can’t buy me, love.” It can never do that! You have to have love first then you can use the money for good living. If you are working solely with money as a priority, the main point of earning it is lost!

5. That, he does not love his kid

People who lose the love in their hearts just can’t feel it anymore! It is lost to them! It is very unfortunate to say this but liars cannot even feel their love for the most beautiful things such as flowers and children. Many of these men actually hate their own kids. They beat up the kids and the mother.

They have no hesitation to hit an innocent child who simply cannot hit back physically. Cowards will never pick someone of their own size. All you have to do is stop giving this type of a husband another chance. Just don’t forgive even if he says sorry. Apologizing really does not make any sense when the mistake is repeated.

6. That, he has another wife

Forget affairs, some cheating husbands go to the extent of maintaining another family! The other woman is also getting cheated just as you are! Liars go to the great extents to cover their footprints. Sometimes, it will take years for the truth to come out.

Mostly, the delay is caused because a loving wife cannot even believe that this man she loves can cheat. So, you are always giving the benefit of the doubt and forgiving. Does it mean anything? Is anything rectified? People who do not have their hearts in place will never appreciate your love. They will just have words of love, but they will have nothing true in their hearts. Just stop being kind and hold on to it bravely as long the liar is kicked out of your life.

7. That, he will never be well

Face it. The liar at heart can never be well. How can they? They don’t have the heart. It is as if they have sold their souls to the Devil in a non-refundable deal. The truth is that as hard as you may try, you cannot ever inspire someone who has no will to rectify.

No one can force a liar to accept the truth. He is never willing to accept the truth. All you have to do here is leave all hope that he should get well. Seriously, abandon a cheating husband totally. He is not there to help you or care for you. Instead, his intentions are totally opposite. All he wants is to hurt and oppress you all the time.

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