7 Simple Reasons Why It’s Better To Be A Single


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First things first, being single is not for everyone. It is kind of an offbeat path because most people seek to be in couples. Here, do note that a single person is rarely asexual. Yes, people sometimes choose to not be in a sexual relationship! It is not mandatory for everyone. That said, do note that balanced singles have a rocking life. Unbalanced, like in all relationship status, it is a problem. You lose the trust of people when your intentions are not proper. With that in mind, find the ultimate seven reasons why being single simply rocks!

1. No hypocrisy needed

Although it is arguable, yet it is also a reality that most grownups have polygamous fantasies. It is nothing wrong per se, but it is obviously not right when you already commit exclusively to a partner. Basically, you can’t have multiple relationships to care about seriously, you cannot be in anything but a single (or in an open relationship).

However, when you marry with a singular commitment, deviating from the same inevitably carries a sense of hypocrisy. Of course, if a married person has an affair and he/she does not hide the relationship from any of the partners, then the hypocritical argument is invalid. Nevertheless, you rarely see married people bravely and happily accepting an affair. The whole thing becomes way too much complicated.


2. Balancing relationships

When you are choosing the single status, you need to face up to the fact that you are partnering in multiple relationships. Hiding your relationship status does not help ever because the truth will always come out in the end. That is why it is called truth!

The most balanced kings and queens of singledom keep everything more or less open, except of course the natural privacy of any relationship. See, this is actually a big thing! When multiple partners are accepting a person in full knowledge of each other, it means that person is special. Being single is for singular one, the renegade, the caregiver, the nomad, and the loner man. Obviously, the same also applies for a woman choosing single life.

3. You have lots of alone time

A single person has to adjust necessarily with a lot of alone time. You cannot help it totally. In fact, it is this sense of emptiness that often drives people to settle with a partner. When you are alone, you learn to make the best of loneliness. This is also totally the reason why many creative people choose to stay single.

Of course, there is no generalization here and exceptions are totally the part of rules in creativity. An artist can maintain lifelong exclusivity to a single partner, without losing the single status even. Take Vincent Van Gogh for example. He barely had the privilege to be in a relationship. Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett lived in utter seclusion from 1968 to 2006.

4. Trips are not family trips

The trips you take around the world would mostly be by yourself. You may be missing the fun of going on a family trip, but again there is no hard and fast rule. A single person can very well go on a family trip with his partner and their children!

So, you totally get the best of all worlds if you think of it like that. Essentially, any single person will tell you that they tried to be married, but it did not work as good. It may definitely work out for good later on as well! The flexibility and independence are two of the biggest advantages of living by yourself.

5. Lots of time for hobbies

A single person will have lots of time for hobbies and stuff. When you want to dedicate your life to exploring your passions, being single is a very good option. Maybe, you just want to play guitar and learn how to make animation films. When you know both you can make a movie and give its soundtrack by yourself!

How fascinating! When you are married to a person, it will naturally entail responsibilities. Of course, the single man or woman also has responsibilities abound, but there is still time for dedicated creative pursuits. Without dedication, amazing creative works totally cannot be done! You will need to immerse your life in doing what you love.

6. Actually, social gatherings are rare

A very common generalization is to think that a single person is always busy in weekend parties and stuff. Think of it this way: lonely people are also often the most introverted ones. They have just accepted their introversions and made the best of them.

An introvert may actually think social meetings as a masquerade of sorts and avoid it somewhat. As long as it is a meeting between friends or a comfortable setting, reveling is nonetheless rare in the world of a loner man or woman. Like other aspects, it is no rule carved in stones either. You can have parties as often as you like when you are not in a single relationship!

7. Devoting more time to work (without neglecting anyone)

A married person working overtime will inevitably have to hear that he is neglecting the family. A single person can work without this accusation. He can work, care for friends, spend quality alone time, and travel whenever the routine permits!

Of course, being single also does not mean you have to be recluse necessarily. Although usually it is the case, yet a man who is not in a relationship can still share the room with a girl who is also single! The unique chemistry can brew and still both of them can remain single, as one that is. Staying by oneself is fun, but one must maintain a very balanced approach towards life!

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