8 Reasons Women Are Crazy About Shoes


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Feet are sexy! Women love their beautiful feet. It is no wonder she loves her collection of shoes. Check out these 8 points to understand why your wardrobe is incomplete without a great collection of shoes.

1. Your feet need pampering

The feet are so beautiful that they need pampering. You just love the waxing and pedicure. A gorgeous pair of shoes is definitely in order! There are so many amazing shoe styles on the shelves that you must make room for your favorites in your personal wardrobe.

Your feet touch the ground like a fairy. A beautiful pair of shoes just means you are walking on the clouds! If foot selfies are your passion, then you definitely want to try a new look quite often. How do you achieve that? Well, of course by wearing a pair of beautiful shoes.


2. Shoes for the dresses

When you have a new dress to try, it must have complementary shoes. You simply need them! A black dress may not be complete with a striking pair of red plush pumps! A new pair of slim denim is incomplete without the shiny stilettos.

Shoes with mini skirts and maxi skirts cannot be the same. The shoe for workplaces is not the same as the ones for the parties. You must have them all in order! Nowadays it is so easy to shop for shoes online that you do not have the excuses not to buy a new pair every month. All you need is a separate shoe wardrobe.

3. Walking on the hearts

The life of a woman is beset with the difficulties of all twisted hearts wanting a piece of her. This is utterly disgusting! The best you can do is to walk over these worthless suitors in style. What comes to mind when you combine walking and style?

Of course, the shoes are important. They are like weapons sometimes. Indeed, a stiletto can be a very sharp weapon. Sometimes, you need to walk over relationships. Otherwise, survival itself is difficult! Many women choose to buy a new pair of shoes to mark the end of a relationship.

4. The road is the ramp

Every woman in her heart walks the road just as if she may walk on a ramp. Catwalk is natural in her soul. She feels the attention everywhere. When people are looking, you have to be at your best. Be at your best diva sense just to be who you are.

Let your shoes do the talking in their plush leathery noise as you tread the challenges with confidence. The tic-tac of the stilettos keeps you company when you balance your way in the tightrope of life. Your shoes do make you who you are.

5. She learns her balance on heels

Heels teach a woman the charm of balancing on the tough roads of life. Pencil heels make her the ballerina, her feet barely touching the ground. Only a woman can tell how amazing it feels. Stilettos are worth the trouble not for nothing!

They make walking feel amazing! When you are confident on a stiletto, it means you can handle any tough situation with a natural grace. Your graciousness does not make you vulnerable. Instead, it makes you confident. A fancy pair of eccentric shoes also helps her balance the crazy world inside her to the tunes of reality.

6. Shoes are about attitude

Your attitude is not complete without the sexiest pair of shoes. Just crossing your feet over in a pair of favorite shoes gives you the confidence to take any trouble in your easy stride. Your sense of style should be complete from top to bottom.

Neglecting the shoes is not a real woman’s deal! In fact, if she can, she may want to spend a sizeable amount of her income on just buying one pair of amazing shoes after another. Confidence stems from the sense of being who you are inside on the outside. The shoes make it possible.

7. There are so many varieties

The shoemakers just never cease to amaze! They have the most amazing collections on their shelves every new season. You cannot appreciate the shoes enough! Simply the availability of new shoes is reason enough to buy new ones every now and then.

Making matters further attractive, stores sometimes offer huge discounts on shoes. When there is a sale of great shoes, which woman in her right mind can resist the temptations? It is simply impossible! You can find discounts from both online stores and real storefronts. Just make sure to do your shopping fast when there is an offer on display.

8. Shoes for romance

A romantic date is incomplete without a nice pair of shoes. If you are in love with your partner, you want to mesmerize him or her in your hypnotic appearance. Let the shoes complement your look. Let the compliments usher in with admiration.

In fact, you can know your partner by his attention to the details of your presence. Most men may say you look beautiful in this stunning dress, but only a few will take the moment to appreciate your shoes. Well, the story of Cinderella was all about her pair of glass shoes! Be the queen of your own fairytale, standing strong and confident on your feet.

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