8 Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Office Affair

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The next 8 points are every woman’s ultimate guide to catching a lying husband before it gets more irritating.

1. Guilt

There is actually a difference in the basic nature of extramarital relationships between men and women. In men, it is always covered in lies and deceit. Most women have open affairs. In fact, their husband’s friends may actually flirt with her right in front of the husband!

In this context, having a relationship with an office colleague may actually be better than a worthless husband. It is important to have this cleared because you should not be feeling guilty when accusing your husband. He should feel guilty, not you. The telltale signs like lipstick marks and a hotel receipt are always there. However, the signs go even deeper than that. If you pay close attention, you can always catch the liar red-handed before the things get too annoying.


2. You become unbearable

Suddenly, you become totally unbearable to your husband. He cannot talk to you without accusing or blaming you for everything! With him, it is always your fault. He will say that it is your fault that he is cheating. Don’t take this. You know that you have been true to him.

If he is not doing his marital duties, you need to act on it. In such circumstances, it is actually fair if you have an affair! Seriously, did you marry to stay perpetually in an unsatisfied relationship? It was his cheating that broke your trust, and now you are totally free to show him the doors of hell. As the sayings go, hell has no fury like a cheated woman. You don’t even have to shout!

3. A drastic makeover

If your husband is suddenly going through a lot of appearance makeover, it may not be for you actually. Did he say it is for you? Well, he is lying! You can easily spot it out in his inability to keep eye contact and other subtle physical signs.

When all of a sudden he is using a new deodorant, wearing bright clothes, or getting a very fancy haircut, it is actually a signal. What signal? Well, remember that a cheater cheats both. He is not true to the other woman also. She may be just compelled by his influence helplessly! What else can she do other than sending the obvious signs through him to her sister? She is not the one to be blamed; he is. The signal is like the lizard changing colors actually. Inside, it is always a lizard!

4. Being too loving to you

This is the trickiest of all tricks to capture. Some cheating husbands take the path of love. If your partner is suddenly too attentive to you for no apparent reasons, that should be taken as a red flag. You can easily find out the truth because real love cannot be a lie.

If your partner is loving on the outside, but just don’t want to make love to you, take it as the sure sign of a cheater. He is just using his soft sweet whispers to keep you in control. You can actually always understand the differences between true love and faking if you are not so forgiving always. Just keep your mind open to all possibilities.

5. Too many business trips

See, if your husband is coaxing his secretary to come on business trips, it is not her fault. She may just consent because she needs to keep the job. She may be just helpless there and your fine husband is using her to make you feel low! It is easy to get high!

All you have to do is channelize your frustration only to your husband and not to the other woman. One of the most conventional signs of an office affair is going on frequent business trips. It is not only business. It is a lot of guilty pleasure also for him. You don’t even have to look for proof in this case. You should be sure.

6. It is all in the truth

One of the most important aspects regarding liars is the fact that they are, also compelled, to tell the truth! It is always like that. Unless you tell the truth, your heart feels burdened and you cannot feel happy. Then again, he cannot say the truth plainly as well.

So, he will say it in bits and pieces. He will be always revealing his true nature, but he will be sugar coating it by saying something true. Have a keen and unforgiving ear. If you are always in the forgiving mode, you will simply miss out the confidence to protest when something feels wrong. First, make sure that you have no hidden secrets that he can reveal, and then bring the truth to light publicly.

7. He is inattentive

Seriously, how can he be attentive! His mind is split totally. Neither he loves you, nor does he love the other woman. Truth being said, he is just harvesting both your bodies to satisfy his greed. There was this very funny thing that happened in the UK last year.

Steven Frazer was cheating on two women. The girls got together. What they did is totally unbelievable but it was justice served on a platter. The women set up a big banner over the A1 motorway, unmasking this ‘love rat”. Thousands of people traveling on the route from Newcastle to Gateshead saw this and everyone knew who Steven Frazer was. Well, his girlfriends did include his photo in the banner.

8. He is harmful to the child

All these cheating husbands are actually cowards. It takes a lot of guts to speak out the truth. It takes true courage and quite obviously they lack the same. Now, such cowards always pick easy victims. They do not have any feelings whatsoever for their own child even.

Sometimes, their abuse may be so veiled that you may not even understand it as abusive. He may not even hurt the child directly. Instead, he will constantly keep you in the fervor about your child. He will pose to be a good father trying to help the child’s future but he will give all wrong advice. Just get rid of this toxic relationship for your safety. People who have killed their love can come down to unspeakable levels of harm.

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John M. Cassidy

“It’s fair for you to have an affari”

Really? Is never right for ANYONE to have an affair.

This is a very female slanted article written by a fem-fascist!