8 Ways To Be More Attractive


All of us want one thing: to be more attractive. A girl may be seeking a qualified bachelor, a guy might be looking for a girl; there are certain specific traits that make a person attractive to the opposite sex. Here are 8 tips that would make anyone desirable!

1. Be confident!

Everyone has flaws, but being confident makes those flaws unnoticeable. Give some thought about what you offer. Be confident in how you make others laugh when they are feeling low. Be confident in your wits. You need to stop thinking about your past and take yourself out of situations where people look down on you.

Scribble down all the compliments you receive and make an extra effort to be around people who encourage you rather than intimidate you! You may hate some things you should be liking (for example, you’re a girl who loves fashion but find yourself surrounded with bookworms, or vice versa, if all your friends are into fashion), so be it. Accept that. As a wise saying goes, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind.”


2. Smile!

Give every person you meet a pleasant smile. When you smile, you look more approachable and friendly. No matter how bad the day is going, keep a positive outlook!

Smiling creates radiance and emits a strong positive vibe that everyone will be drawn to. Smiling radiates satisfaction, joy, and cheer. People who smile truly are easier to deal with and hence will be more socially acceptable. So keep those teeth pearly white!

3. Be kind to everyone

Now you don’t have to let go of your sarcasm and wits if that’s how you roll, but being a heartless snob is not at all pretty. Even someone who acts like a jerk won’t act like that when they’re alone with someone they love. Being kind will bring a meaning to your life and the lives of others in a way you didn’t think was possible. Make new friends and always keep your door open for good people around you.

4. Learn to have a good conversation

Intelligent conversations make for a delectable experience in any human relationship. Physical looks don’t sum up to who he/she is. Having the ability to talk about current affairs in sports, politics even academics tend to enhance your pleasant appearance.

Do you have an underlying witty or sarcastic tone in your voice? No problem! People love the teasing kind! But knowing when to switch it off is a skill you will need to master. Too much of everything is toxic. Culture the habit of listening to people. Don’t be so immersed in your own little world and ignore what’s going on around you. Acting dumb won’t be making you any more attractive.

5. Working principles

Work is life. You are going to have a tough time in life if you want to be that person that has everything taken care of, by others. Or contrarily, no woman is going to be attracted to that bachelor who has nothing to do.

It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female; make some effort to learn specific life skills which last a long way. Learn to do your stuff all by yourself, whatever it is, pressing your clothes, maintaining the lawn or cooking for yourself. Overall, at the end of it, you will know how to toil and be eager to do it.

6. In vogue

In reality, nothing else expresses your personality as fashion. Be you! Buy yourself clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewels, smartphones, just anything you need to feel confident and fashionable. Acutely, be your favorite! Are you a Barbie at heart?

Maybe a Goth? Do you have a serious crush with black? Anything is ín’ if you are comfortable wearing the same. From your Ray Bans to your Louboutin, everything can be your selected mode of expression. You just need the courage and desire to be who you are. Be someone’s perfect role model. Be an inspiring mother and an independent wife. Be the kind of girlfriend who can love and let go with equal fierceness!

7. Stay positive!

You don’t want to be surrounded by negative forces. It’s mentally exhausting to listen to all that complaining, backbiting, sarcastic advice and all that fake pessimism! Facing the situation rather than running away from it, will make you a better person in all aspects of life.

How often do we go overboard and blame ourselves for our failures and succumb to the pit? Don’t be that person! Balance is restored when we consciously dwell in the positive. We find a neutral medium where we can deal with our failures and confronts without letting them get the better of us, leaving us energized, hopeful and motivated in its wake. Write down the reasons you are appreciative and thankful for. Being optimistic defines the standard of living. Work towards it now.

8. Be happy with yourself!

Happy people attract. If you haven’t gotten the trick yet, these tips are not only to make you striking but also liking yourself more, which is indeed the whole concept. It’s not an easy thing to do, and it needs some sort of effort from your side, but once you like yourself, people will be attracted to you more.

Being unable to address our insecurities leads to breakups in long-term relationships as a result of frustration. Developing a whole new version of likable and attractive may take time, but have faith. Making the attempt to do the right takes you a step ahead of everyone else who still haven’t figured out where they want to be. Remember, you are not the only person searching your true self. Don’t make the voices inside your head dull– listen to them, they will guide you. You are not alone. No one is!

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