9 Reasons Why ‘Friends’ Keep The Magic Running

FRIENDS The 15th anniversary

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It has been ten years since the iconic sitcom ended formally. However, multiple channels continue to air the show regularly. The online TV streaming sites are always hectic with constant traffic. DVD sales of ‘Friends’ keep scoring the magic numbers. So, what is the magic here? The following nine points try to explain.

1. It is genuine

The most striking aspect of ‘Friends’ is its genuine vibes. The chemistry between the characters is simply amazing, and they are never out of touch, not even in a single episode! The flow of the show is lucid, simple, and funny with a heart.

It is not insulting, exaggerating, or complicated. The vibes of the show match the feelings of real friends sharing lives perfectly. The actors bonded between breaks to keep the friendship running. Heck, they even used live audience for the laughter tracks! The show had the soul, and as everyone is aware, (surreally) the soul is immortal. There is definitively something very timeless about the natural charm of a group of lively young friends.


2. Role of friends in life

This show conveyed the full beauty of having good friends in your life. Usually, when six people share a home, things can get complicated. However, the very essence of Friends is to simplify the dynamics of a young life down to the basic emotions of love, companionship, finding a job, and supporting each other.

Point to note, none of the characters are dishonest or harbor negative feelings secretly. Here is a group of people where they do not hurry with sex just because they are together all the time! The allowance of this time for emotions to mature makes the show a charmer!

3. It is real

Although a few critics may point out real world inadequacies, yet the show is very realistic overall. The characters struggle with their lives. They lose jobs, stumble in relationships, feel insecure about many things in life.

This simplistic presentation of real emotions without the damage of negativity holds Friends as an iconic sitcom even now. Fans find it comforting to be friends with the Friends. The six characters hold the most natural traits of a 20-something person, learning the ropes of life. The feelings are real, and you can feel the actors totally into it. In fact, true Friends devotees do not see the characters as actors at all!

4. It is a beautiful escape

The show is set in a world without mobile phones or the internet. There is that refreshing taste of friendly innocence expressed in a world without swearing, nudity, social media, and selfies. Despite these conspicuous absences, the show still rings a bell in the most basic emotions of life.

It clearly conveys the feeling of a world of innocence and feel-good, when friends are around to share. Even after a decade, the show still attracts audiences who were just little children when it was aired first! In fact, Friends send the world a message: pure emotions are always the same, simply because they are pure.

5. There is no undercurrent of stress

The simplicity of the show stems from the fact that there is no undercurrent of stress in the series. In modern comedy sitcoms, they often weave complex stressful elements in a twisted sense of fun. ‘Friends’ do not have such thing and you would love to see the episodes all over again and again.

In fact, ardent fans actually have seen the episodes quite a few hundred times, and, still, watch it anytime chance permits. ‘Friends’ defined life in a world where problems can be dealt in light-headed heartfelt banter without negative emotions. The sweetness of the show is an inspiration indeed!

6. An indebted generation

Quite literally, an entire generation of grownups grew in the world of ‘Friends’. This sweet sitcom has the credits of resolving probably millions of relationship issues around the world. It helps to restore sanity when life knocks you hard.

It tells that you can deal with anything when you have trusted friends to help and share. People who grew up on Friends will never be able to forget the life-changing impact of the show! In fact, they keep returning to it in finding solutions to the most complicated equations of life. Quite naturally, they also introduce their teenagers to the show. All in all, the Friends circle continues to grow and grow.

7. The sweetness of true love

The love life of Rachel and Ross is as enticing as ever to watch! Their first kiss in episode 7, series 2 is among the most beautiful moments captured in television history! Besides the romantic relationship, the genuine sense of love and care between the friends is also a lesson to learn. Even if it is Chandler making a snarky comment being a cynic, there is always that sense of concern from a friend. The simplicity of the show in showing the relationships between young men and women sharing the same apartment will always rock!

8. The pain of separation

‘Friends’ is as much about togetherness, as it is about separation and heartbreaks. Ross messes up his own wedding with Emily when he says Rachel’s name during the vow instead of her. Near the end of the show, Rachel moves to Paris with Ross’s daughter.

There are many many other moments in the show where a soft sadness embraces the heart of the viewer. What makes the show amazing is the fact that the sadness drifts eventually into the most beautiful happy moments.

9. The fashion sense

The fashion sense of the women really carved this show a great niche of viewership. The girls look amazing in their new clothes and they fulfilled the dreams of every young girl who wanted a vast wardrobe. Quite literally, it is like the forever dream of women all over the world, and this gentle weaving of fantasy made the show magical. The Rachel ‘haircut’ of Jennifer Aniston was beautiful and endearing. The stylist Chris McMillan recently revealed that he came up with the haircut while stoned. Well, that explains a lot!

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