9 Rules For Perfect Relationship


The relationship is life. The bonding always marks the golden milestone of the beginning of a new phase of life. Eventually, the magic expresses in a baby’s pure happiness, paving the magical continuity of love’s immortal heritage! A perfect relationship is just that, it’s perfect like the Kohinoor or diamonds! It takes all your best feelings in unconditional abundance to help your relationship grow to perfection. It will be a little shaky in the beginning, but after the nine phases here, you find expressed in the ecstasy of true being! Love you.

1. The first sight

The seed of the magic just begins! The first sight tells it. The vibes are invisible, but you simply cannot stop yourself from stealing glances! A brief millisecond or a fraction of second your eyes meet, and the heart electricity is just awesome! These are special moments.

Do not rush them or force them! The magic of bonding with another person’s soul reflection is no less spiritual than meeting your Goddess or God in dreams! The first rule of perfect relationships is to never force your desires by hurrying it. Have patience. Before you merge into each other. These days, the world has social media and all that. Know her so that you can love her uniquely.


2. The admiration

Slowly, a sort of warmth grows in you. Spiritualists will say that your heart chakra is opening to the response of light! Whether you believe in chakras and all that or not, yet it is also a very beautiful poetic idea to allow your imagination to trust.

Trust, poetry, gratitude, appreciation and the heart are all that there and they are part of the perfect relationship! Be amazing, you know! Admire but do not desire to possess. You do not have any right over another person, neither does the other person on you! In a perfect relationship, couples stay together because they just cannot stay away from each other! Admire, but in the best sense, and not in a way of feeling inferior to the other.

3. The infatuation

Then, slowly, the touches begin to glow! Isn’t it just amazing how just by holding the hand of your love, you feel elated like magic! The infatuation stage is when the romantic alchemy is immersing and fulfilling you at the same time!

It is the first stage of letting go, where you slowly begin to believe the perfection in each other and togetherness. These are the moments of coffee shops and evening strolls! You are not meeting every day, but you do meet often. You are starting to know the other person as if you want to decide whether you want to know him or her for all life! This is totally the phase when all her facebook pics are ‘liked’ by him without any apprehensions whatsoever!

4. Beginning to know

The relationship has become both light and dense by now. It is light because you feel light and not heavy, light, and not dark. It is dense because by now your partner already has become an undeniable part of your life. You depend on her, and she on you. She needs a man to trust.

The man feels the urge to make her happy and loved on all counts. She inspires him and he fights the world just to make sure that you can build a cozy nest of togetherness. You are discussing all things, sometimes just sweet nothings! Oh, how sweet! You are smiling all by yourself, not even caring much about makeup because in his eyes you are always the Goddess!

5. Trying to understand

Everyone has complexes. There are trust issues, scars from past relationships, and the bad social conditions overall! As the alchemy between you and him begins to mature, the dark feelings come for. This is a time for understanding.

This is also the best time to take the final decision whether to accept the relationship or not. If your partner is persistent in mistakes, every time saying sorry, but repeating, all the same, he does not want to make you happy. You may feel sad for him, but don’t feel sad that you trusted the wrong man. Better, just leave him at his place, dare speak the truth, and leave when understanding is not possible anymore. You tried your best, that’s what matters.

6. Helping each other

The relationships that are past the previous stage are made for perfection. Now, you can help each other be best, without the ego raising its brute head anytime. Pride and ego are completely different things. You are proud to be beautiful and amazing, which is perfectly natural.

However, it is your ego speaking when you think no one else is as beautiful or perfect as you are. You tend to close your mind to others. Sensitivity, and not apathy, is the magic ingredient of a relationship. These days are very stark usually. Life is full of sadness and people become close to each other. Let love open the doors. Allow the patience and trust as the beauty of romanticism is eternal.

7. Coming close

Now, as you understand and are inseparable parts of each other’s lives, you feel the deep desire to come close. The kisses. The passion. This is the time. Do not hurry it, please. Men usually tend to be impatient. Women know that they must be able to trust that person with her nakedness for all life.

This is a big thing! When love and trust have found each other, no extra effort is needed actually. You just be who you are with each other. He adores you; you care for him. You can understand why he feels in a certain way about certain things, and that seems okay even if you do not agree all the time.

8. The communion

The nuptial communion is the most beautiful expression of a perfect relationship. Sex is not merely physical. It is not just an action of hormones. It is a blending of spirits, of finding each other’s divinity within the body.

The body becomes a medium of magic, and you lose yourself in the constant ecstasy of being in each other’s arms. Come close, so close that there are no differences. A perfect relationship does not mean that both partners are same in everything like robots or something. Sex is not a mechanical expression, for God’s sake! It is an ethereal celebration of soul. Trust your heart and make each other happy.

9. The continuity

Now, the relationship you have connected has become an eternal song. It is perfect and it will be like this all the time! You may or may not be spending your lives in each other’s company, but in the heart, you are always thinking of him or her.

The time now is balanced. There is no space for anything negative at all! Only, you have friendship, love, and support from each other. You know that he is always there with his arms extended whenever you need to embrace him. You can feel in your heart the wonderful charm of being in love, being loved. There is rhythm, there is music, stories, and every single kiss feels like the first kiss every time!

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