Deep Hair Repair: Homemade Coconut Oil Hair Mask


Photo by TihanaAnaRe

The most important thing is that you use the correct proportions of ingredients, and if you do not like coconut oil, there is an alternative solution. It’s time to say goodbye to crack leave-in hair.

This homemade hair mask will deeply nourish and prevent further damage, breaking and cracking of hair.The biggest advantage is that it is made of only two and widely available ingredients.

All you need is honey and coconut oil, and if you precisely follow the instructions, you will get an excellent remedy for cracked hair. Mix one teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of coconut oil in a plastic or glass container.


Stir the mixture until it becomes uniform, and apply the mixture to the bottom half of the hair and the bangs if you have them. Avoid applying a mixture to the hair roots, leave the mask to sit for 30 minutes, then wash it with a warm water. It represents a kind of elixir for your hair, this mask has a wonderful scent that will stay in the hair even after washing.

If you do not like the smell of coconut oil, try one of these alternatives depending on the type of your hair. Almond oil is excellent for curly hair, thick and strong hair feels good after olive oil treating, and avocado oil will suit most for much-damaged hair. It is very important to use the correct proportions of ingredients, as well as to wash hair with warm, not hot water.

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