Do It Yourself: Homemade Liquid Powder For A Perfect Skin Complexion And Good Hydration

Fixing The Make Up

Photo by Dalibor Tomic

It is very difficult to find the ideal liquid powder shade, and the biggest challenge is a good structure that will not be too hard for facial skin, so homemade preparation makes best possible solution.

The liquid powder is the foundation of a good and lasting make-up, and it makes skin looking so fresh, liquid powder perfectly hides imperfections.

However, the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to find the right, perfect shade, which will blend with your complexion and will not make that ugly line on the edges and mark the difference between the face and neck.


An even bigger challenge is finding the best structure that suits your skin type, so if you want to provide your skin with the highest quality cosmetics that will not dry out, cause rashes, but will look nice and groomed, take the time to make your own liquid powder!

All you need is a teaspoon of mineral loose powder in the desired color, the teaspoon of face moisturizer you normally use, a bowl in which you will keep your homemade liquid powder and eyeshadow brush or lipstick which you will use for smoothing the mixture.

Preparation: put the mineral powder and moisturizer in a clean dish and mix with the clean cosmetic brush until the mixture gets completely smooth. This homemade preparation contains medium coverage factor.
Usually, mineral liquid powder works on your skin faster than usual, and the cream in it will hydrate your skin.

Additional tips: Take a dish with a lid, in order to properly keep liquid powder. If you want a milder powder then the one you made, add more moisturizer during preparation, and it is best to use it in a few days because it does not contain artificial ingredients which provide long shelf life.

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