Do Not Agree To Every Compromise, Think Once Again …


Just thinking about you
What makes us different? Would you be able to single out one thing that you are special ? Something you’re proud of … Maybe something you’ve long forgotten and ignored? It is something that helped you get out of bed for years, and now you forgot it because you are committed to family, employer, or someone else …

What exactly do we do when we forget that only we are important in this life story? I am not thinking on selfish centering of everything around us , but the truth is that things are going just the way we feel inside, even though we almost never look at it from that angle .
We forgot the one important truth , that the circle of life is all around us, see it or not , it’s definitely connected .
Why am I so motivated? Because these days I noticed how things are moving in the right direction when I decided to move on and not make compromises for a good relationship and peace in home.

How often was acting actually a good thing when we’re ready ignore that feeling in our stomach and our non-stop talking, “Oh, this is not right!”? How many times have you got the short end and silent when you are supposed to state your arguments? How many times have we all agreed to do something that is contrary to our whole being? I’m sure that you can right now enumerate at least five times. If you can see them, you can change them. That’s the point.


Do not let that little grain of fear turn you into a helpless person. Fear exists to resist it. So what if the fear is here? You are here too.
Inside our lives is a primal reaction “fight or flight” – so fight. Replace what is yours – and your inalienable right to happiness. Although sometimes it seems impossible, give me one reason why don’t you sometimes satisfy yourself? Why not admit that you are worthy of having a better job, a better marriage, a better relationship? You really deserve all that, so roll up your sleeves and say it aloud what you need. Do not be afraid to be loud, it’s important to fly into space and come back to reality as a new opportunity. Spread your arms and take it just because it belongs to you …

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