Do You Make These 8 Dating Mistakes?


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Always have a great date by avoiding these 8 dating mistakes.

1. Being desperate

Love is a precious feeling. It should be allowed the time to prosper. Let the feelings settle. You have to find the right time to be sure that you really love the other person. Actually, it is best to avoid consenting on the first date if you are unsure that you like someone.

If someone truly loves you, he or she will stay. You don’t have to be desperate. Love is strange. You wait for years for love to happen. To some, it never happens at all. Many forget what love is and accept hatred as the only truth. Love is pure. Let yourself be blessed with patience by your own heart. The point is: go on the first date only when you are sure of a lovely evening.


2. Bank balance as priority

In love, anyone’s bank balance does not matter really. Only the heart matters. Yes, the security of money is important, but it is irrelevant when love is absent. The date is always a nice occasion to get to know somebody. You want to find out whether you would be happy sharing lives together.

It is a precious feeling. Don’t just keep talking about professional lives. Talk about beauty. There are so many things to talk about but most guys just stick to the same boring stuff. Mostly, men are just busy telling how bad they are, how much money they have, and how he is a victim. You do not have to date a whiner really.

3. Accepting costly gifts every time

A man can definitely give you a beautiful gift as a sign of his appreciation. However, if this is a habit, then maybe you are being bribed. Perhaps, he is trying to buy your love. Are you for sale? When it comes to gifts, the price actually does not matter.

The most important thing is the intention behind the gift. As long as it is a true token of appreciation, it is beautiful. The moment it is a show of wealth, the gift loses its purpose. Bank balance has nothing with love. That’s is the problem. Most men just love money a lot. Some love it beyond anything. Others still know that money is nothing but a gas. The heart is important. Look for the others to date.

4. Drinking over limits

Dates often end up as bad experiences because you have drunk over limits. This is actually a very big mistake! In fact, date drinking is also associated with sexual abuse. Just be careful. It is best to avoid drinking altogether on a first date.

Sharing a glass may require some more intimacy than just the first date. Besides, it can be very embarrassing! So, you may be trying out a new cocktail and it does not suit you. Is it any good to spend the date in the bathroom? The main idea behind drinking is about enjoying the time. However, happiness is fragile. When you cross over the balance, ultimately the basic purpose is lost!

5. Trying hard to like

By your good nature, you may be trying hard to like the other person even when there is really nothing to appreciate! Just stop being so good. Your goodness does not have a value when it is not appreciated by the other person. At dates, look into the heart of the man sitting in front of you.

Does he have the courage to stand by your side when you are in trouble? Can you trust him with your life? Will he be an amazing father? Will he be amazing in bed? These are the questions whose answers you need to find and there is nothing else about it. If the answers are not up to your expectations, cut the relationship. That is better for sure!

6. Intimacy right away

Sex is magic, no doubt! However, it can also be a very bad experience. In fact, a night of bad sex scars you for life. Even when your mutual love is deep and true, still you should have the time for intimacy. Look into each other. You don’t even have to plan!

It will happen spontaneously because you are feeling each other like magnets. Let that magnetism set slowly. Rushing into the act is a little naïve. It gets over too fast. Sex is most beautiful only when it is stretched long enough to the mythical climax. That does not happen until you have found the right man! His heart should be pure. His touch should be caring.

7. The Ex-factor

This is kind of a big dating mistake. Really, your tonight’s date is not the perfect setup to keep talking about your ex! It simply means that you are not ready to get into a new relationship. You are still stopped in the incomplete stories of the last relationship. Get over it. Start a new phase of your life.

The topic of past relationships will come up inevitably. Both of you are trying to confirm whether the other person is really ready for a relationship. The point is not to keep talking about the past. The important things can be easily said very briefly! However, whatever you say, as much as you say it, please stick to the truth.

8. Talking about your secret sadness

No, don’t just start sharing all your secret sadness with a person you have only barely met. Allow the time for your mutual trust to prosper. Even then, some sad stories are so deep that you cannot share them! There is no need if it hurts.

When you will feel deeply loved, your pain will disappear automatically. That will take some time, though. Allow those moments to happen. You may not be able to hide sad things, but make it better by talking about good things as well. Good conversations are incredibly sexy actually. Enjoy the moments. See if you have found a person to cherish your life with.

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