Feng Shui For Dummies: 7 Tips

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Feng shui is a Chinese metaphysics art that harbors the flow of Qi energy. Qi is quite a mysterious ancient Chinese concept that dwells on the flow of this energy in architectural designs and patterns. Feng Shui literally means Fire and Water, reflecting the balanced co-existence of contrasting forces. Essentially, balancing is a vital aspect of Feng Shui décor and is evident in all its aspect. It is a quite diverse metaphysical science, not fully explained, but marvelous benefits have been observed. Check out the seven aspects of it that a beginner needs to know.

1. The trees

The art of Feng Shui has a very deep position for the tree. It is regarded as a source of the life force Qi and is recommended to keep in vital positions. For example, you should place a potted plant in front of jutting edges and sharp corners as it softens the impact.

Thinking of it, it really does! You obviously feel more comfortable by a small tree than by a sharp corner on the wall. Anyways, keeping a plant anywhere in the house is always a pleasant idea. In the verandah, it is pleasant. In your living room, it feels good. Some plants like the bamboo shoots are said to usher good luck.


2. The water

Water energy has a vital role as it is said to absorb the energy and preserve it. This is again very practical when you think of the fact that life is not possible without water. Human bodies are largely composed of water!

Keeping a water filled pot in a place of worship is said to condense your energies and give power to your prayers. This is also common in Hindu rituals where a mangal kalash or a holy container with water is vital in worshipping virtually any God or Goddess. It can also be financially beneficial if you keep it in a place of commerce. Obviously, you should not forsake the practical care because stagnant water can breed germs.

3. The mirror

Feng Shui puts a very high relevance on mirrors. It is treated like a fluid portal to a co-existing parallel world that looks same but is different in a mirrored way. So, experts suggest placing a mirror should be done at the best places.

For example, in the bathroom, it should not be placed in a position to observe when you are releasing body wastes. It is not advisable to keep one right above the head in bedrooms because the metaphysical science believes in lucid dreaming and the transpiring sense of the soul. They say everyone’s soul becomes free to travel the realms when one is sleeping and keeping a mirror may trap it in there.

4. The living room

This is a space for meeting guests and talking with people. There should be a sense of movement in its most pleasant form here. Consider getting an aquarium. Feng Shui says that this is highly beneficial. Soft cushions on sofas and warm inviting colors on the walls can also affect the quality of interactions in a living room.

The lighting is also an important aspect. It should be comfortable on all counts, not too bright, nor too dim. The sense of balance is very vital and it is the cornerstone of decorating the home according to this metaphysical practice. Images of fountains or waterfalls also have the desired effect of allowing flow.

5. The stones

Like in Vedic astrology, gemstones are considered as storehouses and emitters of distinct energy vibrations in the room. Citrine crystal is acknowledged for its ability to attract wealth, probably because it boosts your self-confidence. In doing commerce, the most important thing is always the self-confidence.

You can also purchase a Feng Shui gem tree for your wealth corner. Do remember that this metaphysics practice is largely belief dependent. If you do not believe in its effectiveness, nothing may happen. If you do, you may find the results changing your life amazingly for good. There is no exact modern science of Qi, but it is a real force as shown in acupuncture treatment procedures.

6. The death avoidance

In ancient China, they used to lay a dead man on the floor with his feet towards the door. This was based on the belief that the soul should find it free to move to the realms. Acting on the same belief, experts suggest that you do not keep the feet or furniture in the same line as the door.

This is said to unlock the passage of death, which is obviously not a desirable energy in a peaceful abode. You can actually try placing plants on either side of the door as they embrace the entry energy with liveliness. Chimes are also integral decorations to place on doors and windows.

7. For the year of the Ox

2015 is deemed as the Year of the Ox or the Wood Sheep in the Chinese zodiac. You can integrate this aspect in renovating your home for new year. Ox is a symbol of masculine patience, containing a powerful wild energy in a simple bovine nature.

Placing paired energy totems like the Fu dogs and the Chi Lin can be very beneficial because a pairing is a symbol of love. The basic idea is that only love can contain the otherwise violent heart of a horned ox! Things are supposed to move either very fast or very slow in the coming year. You can carry your good luck with you by making an amulet with your Feng Shui totem.

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