Find Your Real Prince With These God-Given 8 Signs Of True Love


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Fairytales somehow make sense to women despite a hurtful reality. A queen in dreams always wins in the end because the challenges become nightmares one must overcome. See how good your prince charming fares in the standards of these 8 god-given signs of true love.

1. He looks deep in your eyes

As a modern woman, by now you know how to read eyes. See if your man has the courage to look in your eyes deeply when he talks. Averting the eyes constantly implies he is lying and hiding many things.

Now, do remember that a true man will have enemies in life. When he talks about them, his eyes may become cruel. He may not want you to see that cruelty. When he lowers his eyes while he is not talking about love, it is a sure sign of finding the right person.


2. He is not patronizing

Avoid the man who constantly tries to patronize you in one pretext or another. One thing is very certain! You simply cannot overrule the fact that patronizing is a clever superiority tactic. True love is a relationship between equals at heart.

Things like money and social status, unfortunately, cannot define love. Your man may do the simple job, but has the heart of a king! You do not intimidate him; instead, you feel comfortable in his presence as much as he is in yours. Relationships are only complex when there are hidden layers. In truth (true love), the best relationships are based on simple understanding.

3. He is caring but not over-caring

Everyone has issues in life, regardless of gender, occupation, etc.. When you need help to deal with them, you can always ask for it. Or maybe you know that you can handle the thing by yourself. A man who always pokes you with different issues that you discussed is not going to be a prince!

Princess know that their queens are quite capable by themselves unless they need help. They are always ready to assist but they never show the readiness unless you ask. Everyone needs help at some point or other! The right person will help you in every way, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

4. A test of expectations

A woman needs to settle for nothing less than unconditional love when she looks for a prince! The foremost criterion of loving unconditionally is not to seek a favor in return of one. The idea is to love in free will.

You love him not as a payment for his help. He does not help you because he wants to take you to the bed. When two people love each other truly and freely, they naturally feel attached to each other. No compulsions hold them. In fact, this absence of a legal compulsion expresses in the live-in or open relationships.

5. A patient man

Patience is the foremost sign of a true King. He is not a horny drooling teenager inside! When a woman has the highest expectations from a man, she does not sleep often with him. Instead, she cherishes the moments of intimacy in rarity. The prince will not ask you to go to bed.

Instead, he charms you so that intimacy flows naturally and comfortably. There is no compulsion, but only the sharing of beautiful love. He finds conversations sexy. He is always attentive to your body’s desires. He understands if you do not want to sleep with him despite the purity of your love! He accepts you just as you are.

6. You do not have to explain things

Consciousness and introspection are signs of a true man. A thoughtful man is intuitive by default. You do not have to explain certain things that he can understand by intuition. Maybe, a part of your mind is deeply hurt and he touched it by mistake.

Once he understands the fragility, the man does not proceed to make the same mistake twice ever! Your man should be caring and gentle to you always without expectations. Yes, you may be in dispute sometimes. Even then, the right man is always respectful without exception. Yes, you may be wrong sometimes just as he may be. Your prince can patiently explain what is amiss instead of arguing with you.

7. Your success is his personal victory

The right companion is never ever jealous of your success! Instead, his all efforts are to see that you are a queen always. He helps you to succeed professionally with the best advice on how to manage official communications.

He helps you to win emotionally by putting your sexual needs as a priority. He understands how to make you feel heavenly in bed. He is lustful, but not greedy. He is an amazing partner who follows the natural flow of your body curves just like the spontaneity of your mood. He is never trying to oppress or dominate you secretly.

8. A God in Bed

A Goddess that you are, you do not sleep with anyone but an amazing God in bed! The sexual experience must be friendly, comfortable, ecstatic, understanding, and wild, all at the same time. He can hold his sexual strength as long as you need to satisfy your sunken desires.

Your body has a mind of her own. Listen to your body’s whispers when she talks about that man in your privacy. His presence should be so deep that you can fantasize him anytime just by closing your eyes. His words should be like poetry; his touch must be magical.

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