Friendship From The Girls Perspective Explained In 8 Facts


Friendship is a very precious word for a girl. She needs to be comfortable with the other person, a boy or another girl. In fact, many amazing relationships begin with friendships. Look up the following 8 points to understand her perspectives when she calls you a friend.

1. Please, do not be creepy

This mostly applies to boys who tend to very strange when around girls. They talk strange things, often incoherent. You need to get one thing very clear. If a girl feels you are creepily weird, she will right out discard you as a friend.

The first pre-condition of being a friend is to be comfortable in her presence. Guys, your creepiness may stem from a variety of factors, including too much porn. Please be true when there is still time and stick to it. Do not try to wear a clever mask of truth either! She will find it out.


2. Be a pillar of support

Girls have to fight extra hard for pride and survival in a patriarchal society. You need to be a pillar of support to her. She may need your suggestions to validate her decision. For example, maybe a girlfriend you know wants to start in the new company and leave her old job.

This is a big decision, and she can easily do it if she has the right support. You need to be encouraging her instead of trying to tell her it’s not rational to leave her job! Be brave, and hold her confidence to prove yourself as a friend.

3. Always keep her happy

Your foremost duty as a friend is to keep her happy at all times without any exception whatsoever. Of course, if you are depressed, she will understand. However, never ever make the mistake of forcing the stress of your personal depression onto her.

Share her sad moments from a distance without prodding much on why she is sad. It can be something that she is not ready to reveal to you. Gently ask what you can do to alleviate her sadness. She will tell you as much as you need to hear. Do your best within that limit. Never try to use her vulnerability to take advantage of her.

4. About other relationships

It can be a little complex when a boy is friends with a girl but secretly wishes her to be his girlfriend. Ultimately, the decision is on the girl. Make no mistake; she is aware of your sentiments. Even then, she is allowing you to be her friend.

This clearly tells your relationship is also too special for her to lose. Do not do anything to ruin the special feeling. She may vaguely relate her fiance in your talks. Do not be envious, possessive, or hurt! Instead, give her honest suggestions on life. You will be together if it is meant to be. Believe in that.

5. Do not be egoistic

Never even try to enforce your ego in any way into your relationship. Always be humble, kind, and gentle whoever you are! You may have a big bank balance but you will not have any friend when you are rude.

In fact, you won’t be able to blame anyone even because you will feel that you deserved it. Be a truly charming friend, always nice and helpful. Do not try to lie. She will understand by her intuitions. She will check you every moment. If you are a liar, you will get caught soon. A girl knows everything; just remember that!

6. Be open about your feelings

A girl loves honesty and transparency above anything else. You need to be open about your feelings for her, but never try to force them on her. Leave the judgments of the relationship on her table exclusively.

You do your part in being truthful to her. Remember, a fiance is first a friend. You need to be by her side just as much as she wants. Do not try to intrude into her personal space using friendship as a clever strategy. It is completely wrong in fact! Such behaviors clearly prove you are not a true friend.

7. Compliment her from your heart

Be open in your compliments. Tell her how amazing she looks. One of the greatest signs of friendship is to go shopping together. Now, if you are a girl, shopping with your girlfriend is like endless hours of non-stop fun. However, guys may find it little intimidating.

It is your problem, men! If you find spending intimidating, then you prove yourself a miser! Instead, you should accompany her and help her choose from the dresses. Do consider buying a ravishing dress as a gift for her. At all times, always ask her permission before gifting anything!

8. Stay ‘friendzoned’ if she likes it that way

Sometimes, a girl may just want to be your friend and have no intention whatsoever in having a relationship with you. This is called friend zoning (largely). If it is so, make sure you are not overstepping the zone. Remember, being her good 3 am friend is as important to her as her romantic relationships. Cherish the precious moments just as much as she allows you. Your emotional excess should not be the obstacle of a pure friendship. Always remember the golden rules of staying true to her in your friendship.

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