Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Naturally


There is a preventive for dark circles under your eyes, which is crucial for overall body health, and it is possible to get rid of them completely naturally and easy

There is no woman who is not upset when she sees dark circles under her eyes, swollen eyelids and eye rings. Often, even the best quality makeup could not cover them, while every woman wants to look fresh and beautiful.

Enough Sleep

Get enough sleep, because sleep is essential for brain relaxing, and thus improves overall health. Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep, and the first consequences of not getting enough sleep and rest are those ugly, dark circles and eye bags, that you hate so much.



You can use tea bags to remove dark circles around the eyes. Put cold tea bags on each of your eyes and hold them there for a while. The medical benefits of tea should soften a dark color and freshen your face.


Ice cubes are the very effective solution for dark circles and rings around the eyes. You can use bags along with ice or gauze soaked in cold water. Put them over your eyes and leave on for a while, just like when you use tea bags.

Pineapple juice

This juice acts fast when it comes to removing black circles around the eyes, plus you’ll look much less tired and much fresher.

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