Here Are The 7 Ultimate Reasons On Why You Cannot Relax


Many women remain hyper-stressed always. The signs begin to show in hair fall issues, irregular periods, acute insomnia, and the worst of all, as panic attacks. These ‘attacks’ are real and debilitating! Check out this ultimate list of ‘7 reasons why you cannot relax’ for the solutions.

1. You have to pretend constantly

Women know how stressful it is to have that smile even when you are seriously angry with someone! Both office and home settings may create circumstances where a girl needs to pretend to ensure her safety.

An intrusive boss is among one of the most pathetic creatures on the planet. However, you may not be able to show your real feelings because your career can be at stake. The only solution it seems is to pretend. Similarly, a lying husband can be a bit difficult to catch red-handed. Learn to relax in the realization that you are in a war there. The pretentious smile is your weapon.


2. You are dealing with serious body issues

The self-image perception of a woman is always at the back of her mind. You may be constantly thinking that you are too ‘fat’, or you have issues with body odor, or your face is showing hairs. These thoughts seriously affect your personal comfort level.

The only way to overcome this is to handle the situation confidently. Obviously, you need to use cosmetics for the body smell and face hair issue. About the extra weight, just be careful not to eat more than usual as a way to combat stress. Avoid getting into a loop of depressive eating!

3. You have major career concerns

Besides the office situation mentioned in point number one, you may not be able to relax because of major career concerns. Perhaps, you have an important presentation coming up in a few days, and there is very little time to prepare.

Maybe, you run a company and you had serious client concerns yesterday. Forget your stress and be confident that you can handle this. Your worries do not solve the problems. Instead, they only aggravate the situation! Woman entrepreneurs must always remember that it is better to let go a bad client than to trying to retain.

4. You have serious family issues

Sometimes, the issues are so serious that relaxing is impossible! You cannot be at rest when a loved person is ill! It can be a myriad of other issues. Maybe, your son or daughter has been facing study troubles at school. Perhaps, your life is going through a major change (such as divorce).

Maybe, you had a bad misunderstanding with your boyfriend. It is so bad that you feel you cannot carry on the relationship anymore. Well, the only logical way to get rid of the stress is to remove the stressful element from your life. Do not continue a relationship that lacks respect for you.

5. Maybe, you are worried about the future

It is quite natural for women to feel at stress in view of the society nowadays. The situation has become so bad that ‘rape culture’ is actually a phrase! Just listening to the news for an hour or reading the daily newspaper is sufficient to make you feel insecure about the future.

In her mind, a woman always dreams of a wonderful world for her children. Looking at the grim state of affairs in the social system can get you into a permanently morose mood. The best way to help resolve this is to vent your feelings on social media.

6. Get rid of the envy issue

Women need to get rid of the feelings of envy toward another woman. Most often, the man who gives the other woman more attention than you seems like the culprit. Your animosity with the other girl allows the clever boy to go scot-free amidst the confusions.

You need to let go the feelings of envy completely. Feel secure and beautiful in who you are instead of losing your mind to jealousy. Feminine envy must be a very big thing as the Bible uses the metaphor of the sea serpent leviathan to describe it! Get rid of this personal demon and you will be very happy surely.

7. It is an immediate sexual issue

Many women feel apprehensive about whether they’re pregnant. You can always do a pregnancy test to clear your doubts. Maybe, erratic periods are a major concern at the back of your mind. Just know that as you learn to relax, eventually your menstrual cycle also normalizes.

Perhaps, you are feeling unhealthy with an itching sensation at your crotch. It can be just a misalignment of your panties or a sign of changing the sanitary napkin. Do not hold on to the embarrassment even when you are in a busy meeting. Just excuse yourself, go to the washroom, sort the issue.

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