How To Clean Cosmetic Accessories?


At Home

Cosmetic brushes and sponges are full of dirt and bacteria, but by washing cosmetic accessories you can keep bacteria and dirt away from your face so your skin can be healthy and clean.

If your accessories is so dirty that you can’t clean it, advice for you: buy a new one. Cosmetic shops


are full of these things, and what’s important, they don’t cost too much.

So, here are some tips that will save your face skin.

Tips On How To Keep A Clean Cosmetic Accessories:

1. Clean cosmetic brush with hot water
2. Apply a small amount of shampoo or gel for the face.
3. Wash it thoroughly under warm water. If the water is not clear, repeat the application of shampoo or gel, until the washed water is clear.
4. Remove extra water and leave accessories to dry naturally.
5. After that, your cosmetic accessories are ready for use,  but without dirt and bacteria, and your skin will look much more cleaner and healthier
For beautiful and healthy skin it is important to wash cosmetic accessories twice a month.

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