How To Fight Cellulite Naturally


Natural solutions are actually the best for cellulite

Layers of cellulite fat just under the skin surface create the unpopular ‘cottage cheese’ look on the skin. Essentially, the cellulite layer is caused due to unbalanced effects of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen causes the expansion of fat cells around thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Progesterone complicates the situation by leading to weight gain, muscle fluid retention, and weak veins. Genetics can also play a part in developing cellulite layers.

The cause and the solution

Essentially, you need to eat foods that stabilize the hormonal imbalance to tackle the problem through healing. You also need to detoxify as toxins cause the hormonal chaos. In addition, topical application of certain oils also helps to deal with cellulite. The natural remedies are always better than going in for a cosmetic procedure. They only offer a short-term solution and subject the body to stress from an abrupt change in physiology. Check out the following simple and effective tips to handle cellulite.


A low-fat diet: Follow a low fat diet to detach your body from deriving fat. You need to avoid certain foods and drinks. You need to eat more of certain other foods and beverages. You will need to curb on alcohol and excess sugary carbs. Avoid soft drinks as much as you can as these also deposit toxic chemicals in the body. Go slow on salt as well as it causes water retention issues. However, drink plenty of water! Hydration is very helpful for detoxification.

You can also derive water from watery fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, melons, and watermelons.
Fast foods never have any nutritional value besides tastiness. Replace fast foods with wholesome fruits and vegetables. Fiber and whole-grain foods keep you filled up and help detoxify the body. Fruit juices are amazing as well! Soy lecithin, gingko Biloba, and fish oil help by increasing the blood circulation, which in turn protects your body from depositing fats in cells.

Green tea is good for nulling the free radicals. Apple cider vinegar deserves a special mention because it is both an oral and a topical remedy. If you can drink a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider and a little honey the first thing every morning, it can do you a world of good! You can also massage your cellulite areas with a potion of vinegar and your favorite massage oil. This nourishes the skin and helps in smoothing it.

Other topical applications: Dry brushing with coconut oil can be very helpful in topical application. Dry brushing is very effective as it tightens the epidermis and breaks down the toxin deposits from the skin surface. Tough cellulite deposits such as stretch marks need extra massaging. You can use grind coffee beans or sugar for the purpose. About dry brushing, it has a certain specific way to do. You can easily find it by a little research.

Apart from the diet and skin care, you need to exercise for handling cellulite. Physical activities help burn fat and tone the body. Simple physical routines such as morning jogs or frequent swims can do wonders! You can also run for fifteen minutes at your convenient speed on the treadmill. These are tough deposits accumulating over many years. Please do not be desperate in hoping it will disappear in a week! Love who you are, and care your body patiently.

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