How To Keep Your Hair Healthy


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Women sometimes have the toughest relationships with their hair. Your hair may tend to leave (aka hair fall), but you do not want that to happen! However, you cannot stop the fall altogether either because your head loses about 70 to 100 strands naturally every day.

Do not fret because your hair naturally grows also. Essentially, hair strands also have lifecycles. Of the about 100,000 hair on your head, you can easily allow about 100 to shed naturally without fretting about it. However, you should be maintaining good hair care from inside and outside to stop excessive hair fall.

1. Choose the best products

Other issues with hair include their apparent unmanageability, split ends, dry hair, dandruff, and sometimes infection of the scalp. Of course, you have access to a wide array of cosmetic and medical hair care products, but many women prefer natural remedies. The fact that common shampoos consist of damaging chemicals such as sulfates is already an open secret. Anyone can read it on the product label.
It is definitely not as it seems in advertisements!


Instead of relying fully on the make-believe of commercials, depend on personal experiences, both of yours and from other women. When you find a well-known shampoo is unable to control your hair fall, maybe it is time to find a really better alternative than the advertised best. It is just amazing to know that so many great home hair care remedies are available. These can treat anything from hair fall, dry hair, to providing deep nourishment.

2. Rely on natural remedies

In fact, you can also use traditional natural dyes such as mehndi to color your hairs without the stress of chemical colors off the shelf. Herbal products such as aloe vera and hibiscus shampoos are very nourishing. Natural oils such as coconut oil offer deep nourishment like nothing else can. Homemade hair packs such as the one made with tea leaves also replenish your hair and help to get rid of dandruff. You can make different types of hair packs with fruit pulps and other ingredients. As long as they suit you well, any natural arrangement is good.

3. Care for hair

You need to arrange some protection for your hair. Sunlight can dry it upon prolonged exposure. Consider staying indoors most of the daytime. Wear bandanas, scarves, and hats. Use umbrellas. If you have long hair, do not tie it while it is still wet. Wash your hair with a good shampoo or homemade hair pack to deal with dandruff. You can even make your own hair conditioner. Avocado-banana, vinegar-egg, and yogurt are great conditioners!

4. Nourish your hair

You have to provide internal support to your hair. Sometimes they fall because of a problematic liver. Take care of your digestive issues and your hair fall problem definitely recedes. Avoid fast foods because the chemicals from these foods are toxins to the body. Accumulation of body toxins in roots of hair is a major cause of losing it. You can try alternative medicines such as homeopathy to restore the internal vitality of the hair. It has excellent condiments for general health problems. Most importantly, you need to love your hair. Shape it in a style that suits you perfectly. If you feel it is the perfect time for a change in hairstyle, go for it!

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