How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Young

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Skin Care is essentially a very complex thing. It is not just as easy as buying the best cosmetics! It is good to remember that all sweet smelling cosmetics contain chemical ingredients that can be actually damaging to the skin.

The same goes for elaborate procedures such as full body tanning. It is very important not to choose the best-advertised cosmetics, but the products that are best for you. Skin types vary from normal to dry and oily. The product for an oily skin will naturally be unsuitable for a dry skin.

1. Understand your skin

Consider using herbal products (such as aloe vera cream) and homemade skin care remedies. In fact, you can make amazing skin packs, exfoliators, cellulite removers, oil washers, right in your kitchen (or from your kitchen garden)! In any case, it is important to use skin care products that are good for you. You have to develop an understanding of your skin type. If you are too sensitive, you may develop rashes on your skin on a cream that works nicely for your sister. So, prioritize on interpreting the uniqueness of the skin you are in, and replenish it accordingly.


2. Hydration is important

Next, it is very important to keep your skin hydrated. This applies for all skin types. You need to provide hydration from both inside and outside. Drink plenty of water and eat water-rich fruits – vegetables. You have to splash water on your face at least twice a day. Some women sweat more than others do.Since you are losing extra water, you should drink more than others to balance the loss. Paradoxically, women at the other end of the spectrum with very dry skins should also drink a lot of water for obvious reasons.

Besides the water treatment, make it a point to apply good natural face packs. There are so many varieties of face packs available that you may be lost when it comes to choices. You can make face packs with red earth, sandalwood paste, fruit pulp, yogurt, honey, and grind coffee among other things. In addition, make sure you have your natural UV ray protection. Just use an umbrella when you are out in sun!

3. Supply nutrition

You also have to support the health of your skin from the inside. Many common foods put stress on skin. For example, eating too many oily foods will inevitably cause acnes to erupt. Instead of just using a cosmetic product on the pimple, take care of your diet and digestion. Your priority is to prevent the pimples appearing and not just suppress it when it erupts. Look at your diet. Avoid highly fat ridden foods that you eat frequently. The ‘cottage cheese’ cellulite deposits under skin surface do not look good!

4. Get rid of toxins from your life

Detoxification is a very important aspect of skin care. It is only in this way that you can flush out the free radicals causing havoc to your skin health. Beverages such as fruit juices and green tea have amazing antioxidant properties to get rid of free radicals. Obviously, you need to be careful not to introduce toxins to your body. Everything is toxic from harmful chemicals in cosmetics to pesticides in GMO foods! Eat organic and grow a kitchen garden if possible.

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