How To Live With Jealousy – Few Tips


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Taking Down Your Personal Green Eyed Monster

The coinage green-eyed monster for feminine envy is credited to the Great Shakespeare. Apparently, female envy is something very big. It is REALLY BIG, of Biblical proportions actually! You may find it flabbergasting to note that the sole feminine demon of the underworld, leviathan, is the demon of envy!

A BIG thing

The apocryphal Book of Enoch describes the dragon as a female. Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas of the Order of Preachers described this dragon as the ‘demon of envy’. Now, do you feel this monster uncoil within you in blind jealousy? Well, it does! You cannot find a woman who has not dealt with severe jealousy! Do not worry! The Bible also dictates that God kills leviathan during the Last Judgment.


Whoa, that was BIG! Now, whether or not you believe in God or Last Judgment or stories of monsters, you can definitely feel the demonic feelings imparted by envy. A woman blinded by jealousy make wrong acquaintances, conspire against her loved ones, become abusive to children, misunderstand every right thing, and kind of switch on a consuming self-destruction mode.

In short, it is BAD. There is no hypocrisy here. You cannot justify jealousy by anything! It stems from a sense of insecurity and hatred, especially when two women compete over a man. Jealousy can corrode friendships, ruin relationships, and constantly consume your goodness. Check out the following tips to live an envy-free life. You never know; you may be helping God do His Last Judgment of souls!

Do not be insecure

Sometimes, the other woman may not be the problem even! Often, men are unfaithful. It is wrong to pin the anger of your loss on another woman. For all you know, the man in question may have fooled her in the same way like you! Okay, it may not be the man’s fault always also. Perhaps, you need to look deep whether you have been over-possessive or abusive at some level. Introspection is the only way you can deal with personal demons. It is a very fine line.

Make sure that no one is making you falsely believe that the relationship disaster has been your fault exclusively. Look into everything with an impartial microscopy of mind. Set it right where it is your fault. Vent your anger where you need, but do not let jealousy consume you. It is better to shut down the relationship with your demon all abruptly instead of carrying the poison every waking moment. You get the idea!

Deal with it

Sometimes, demons have a name and you can see them in person. Be brave and confront. Do not nurture the toxins of envy to damage the other person. Rely on a sense of justice instead. Eventually, it may consume your goodness when you are captive. It is important NEVER to perceive your capacity of envy as a source of power. Use your voice to fight. You do not have to live with envy all your life! You can just get rid of it once and forever only if you want. Otherwise, the consequences can be disastrous especially for you, and for the people who lovingly trust you. You eventually turn to a threat to your loved ones if you let the green-eyed monster take over. Get rid of it!

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