If You Really Need A Rest, Turn Off Your Cell Phone

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Take a cell phone sabbatical for true relaxation

You are relaxing with your cell phone in the on mode. Are you really relaxing? No! You have that connection gadget keeping you virtually in the work mode, even when you are not. Unless you have the possibility of some very necessary personal calls to attend, try keeping your mobile phone off for complete relaxation!

If you have separate devices for personal and professional calls, switching the latter off is easier. You want to relax but you may not want to shut yourself from your family! Then, it does not remain a rest. It turns to a forced sense of detachment, which can further impose a certain amount of stress. You have the idea! Switch your cell phones off to take a true sabbatical from work, but not from love and life altogether!


Enjoy the separation

You need to appreciate this sense of temporary separation from the hectic requirements of work. If you stress yourself because you switched off the phone and cannot receive calls, the very purpose of doing it is lost! Learn to appreciate the break. Do not fuss that you are missing the work. Take some time exclusively for yourself and your loved ones. Understandably, you cannot go offline from phones for days at the stretch! However, you can always take a vacation for one day (or two days). Use this precious time to unwind and introspect.

Life often needs straightening some important things. Maybe, you are feeling genuinely guilty about something. If it is possible to rectify it, go ahead and do the things that you need to do. Perhaps, all you have to do is say sorry to someone and mean it. Your loved ones seek the best for you. Share your natural affection and care with them. Go for a family trip! Visit an oriental restaurant. Take your kids to a rock-climbing park! Keeping your official phone switched off all the time and it will help you with a sense of calmness.

Arrange the vacation

Given the vital importance of mobile phones in modern life, you simply cannot switch it off all abruptly! You have responsibilities at work. People depend on you there. You cannot shun everything straight away! Instead, you need to arrange the vacation balanced. First, complete your pending work as much as is needed so that your absence can be balanced at work. Next, observe the protocols of communication. Tell the people connected to you that you need a break some days in advance. Set a plan such that you can stay out of work without causing anyone trouble due to your absenteeism.

Good to have a single connection

If you do not want to shut down your office altogether, just give your personal number to only a few trusted people there. Tell your colleague, your partner, or your assistant to call you only if it is a matter of extreme urgency. That will keep things balanced. You are already switching off your work phone and laptop! You can enjoy your break with a fully relaxed mind without the stress of pending work. You still have that one discreet connection with your office in your personal phone. Everything is neatly in order! Just enjoy the freeing vacation.

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