The 7 Best Fashion Lessons From Sarah Jessica Parker Over The Years

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Sarah Jessica Parker has a special place among the divas of our time. Over the years, the gorgeous lady has donned some amazing examples of gorgeous styling. Check out the top 7 fashion lessons SJP showed us over the years.

1. Flaunt your hair

Sarah makes the ‘out of bed’ messy look classy! In fact, her mid length beach wave hair is rarely arranged in a hairdo giving it that natural look.

That’s it: Freedom! SJP keeps telling the world that one of the best fashion expressions of an independent woman is to flaunt the hair just as it is even in formal occasions.


She has even had her share of showing some really extravagant hairstyles. On one event, she was seen wearing an elaborate mohawk hairpiece and in another event, she sported the wind-tunnel hair.

2. Celebrate the wild in you

If open hair tells the world about her love for independence, the bra peek-through has been among her favorite styles as well. The iconic woman from ‘Sex and the City’ just loves to celebrate her wild womanhood!

The way she carries black bras underneath a lace or sheer garment has everyone’s attention on the red carpets. She sure knows how a lady must rebel! The peeking bra has appeared quite a few times in SATC, and has looked amazing every time! SJP tells the world, a girl can be just as her mood is at the moment.

3. Tough and girly can go together

SJP is one of those rare celebrities who can pair grunge with glamour. She can wear a black jacket over a princesses gown, and carry it fabulously!

She is not a woman to be confined in a fashion definition! Whether it is retro, glam, casual, feminine, cute, girly, or grunge, Sarah can mix and match the styles to create her own fashion statement.

Her presence is definitely an inspiration for women who want to be who they are deep inside in all their confusions and mood swings. The end line: you can look fabulous in anything, just as long as you can flaunt your style with attitude.

4. Her fascination for jackets and coats

SJP has a serious crush on her coats. She loves to flaunt elaborate jackets over gowns and skirts. Sometimes, she even has her faux fur super-heroine cape on her jackets. In fact, Sarah Jessica just loves to flaunt the big styles.

Whether it is an elaborate flowing gown or a coat reaching beneath her knees, she always knows how to make a statement in the crowd. Her collection of gorgeous and printed coats seriously creates the impression of a power woman. You can see some good examples of her amazing style in Sex and the City.-

5. A casual approach whenever necessary

Sarah can shift from the formal to the ultra casual easily. She is as comfortable in her big gowns as she is in her tattered denim. Recently, she was spotted wearing a blue denim with one of the feet cuffed a little higher than the other.

Now, that is one good asymmetrical style to tell the world, go easy on style.Extravagance one day does not mean you cannot be the girl next door on the next day! She tells the people to be comfortable in being their beings without getting trapped in a fashion niche. Come on ladies, you do not have to be gracious and elegant every day!

6. When you are elegant, be a queen

When you are casual, you are casual. When you are gracious, you are a queen. This is what SJP tells the world when she dresses up in the most elegant gowns and garments. She sure knows how to be the cynosure of the occasion!

Her graceful presence on many red carpets has inspired many women around the world. She is a diva and an icon who can rule the red carpet just any day in her own ways! Sarah keeps on inspiring the world with her pleasant attitude and the love of being who you are.

7. She loves bright colors

Whether it is about her bright red shoes or the gorgeous pink jacket, Sarah Jessica Parker sure loves to experiment with bold colors.

She wears a skirt with color stacks and includes a color block to keep in tune with the spectrum of moods a woman holds.In fact, she is a diva beyond any definition.

Sarah can sport the jet black as well as the flaming red or the gorgeous yellow. As a fashion icon, the enigmatic SJP is always an inspiration for women to be everything they want to be. You do not have to lock or typecast yourself in a style.

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