The 7 Ultimate Life Hacks to Survive Monday Morning Blues

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Ugh, it is Monday again! Your body and spirit revolt to be a part of Monday activities although your logical mind tells you to be ready. Check out the following 7 ultimate life hacks to make the best of the infamous Monday morning blues.

1. Make the first coffee extra special

Many women start their days with a cup of coffee or tea. Keep something exclusive for Monday. If you are a tea loyalist, try Green Tea or any of the other cool varieties of this warm beverage. Set it up as a routine because Mondays are going to come every seven days. The basic idea is to reward yourself with a special treat just to get in the mood of a Monday. It can be anything! You can keep a jar of your favorite ice cream in the fridge, especially, for a Monday morning.

2. Wear something special

Take the Monday reward system to another amazing level, set aside a nice dress for the Monday morning. Of course, you need to make the arrangements on Sunday. You may want to wear floral prints with your denim on Monday. You may have a special navy blue jacket that you wear especially on Mondays. Besides the dress, it can also be about accessories and jewelry. You may have a great pair of shades to sport on Monday. It can be anything! The main idea is to have a self-rewarding system for Monday mornings.


3. Set up a set of alarms

Monday mornings require special attention. Instead of relying on your customary single alarm, arrange a set of alarms with the tasks in the morning. This is a very cool way to manage time on a Monday morning. In fact, do not rely solely on your mobile handset or digital clock for the alarm purpose. Put both to use and they’ll make you ready to face up the Monday morning blues. Besides alarms, you can also set reminders & notifications on your mobile digital assistant.

4. Have a nice shower

You may want to begin your Mondays with a nice shower right out of the bed. You can have a warm or a cool bat, whatever you want. Many women suggest you take the shower even before brushing the teeth. In fact, you can easily brush while you are showering. Taking a nice bath is the best way to revitalize your senses to meet the demands of a Monday. The contact with water sets the calibration of your mood from ‘sleepy-head’ to ‘active’ in a few minutes.

5. The advance methods

Of course, your Monday troubles recede significantly if you are thinking about Monday even on the Sunday. In a six-say work week, there is only a single day to relax! So it happens, you pack in the recreations of a whole week into that one day. While this is amazing, do remember to sleep on time on Sunday nights. Any delay here shows up as an issue on Monday morning.

Besides, many mothers have to make breakfast arrangements for their kids to prepare them for the school. All these tasks require some great advance planning to meet with Monday demands.

6. Do not fret

Do not fret because you cannot get yourself together on a Monday. It is very natural to find Mondays challenging. In fact, women all over the world face this same issue. If you burden yourself with a sense of guilty fretting, it is not going to help at all! In fact, there is nothing to be guilty of on Monday. You start your day at a slow pace and by Monday evening, you are back in your weekly work mode! Sunday celebrations are normal and necessary. Do not stress yourself for enjoying your amazing Sunday breaks!

7. Be logical

Monday is the day to rekindle your vows of rational thinking. Your relaxing mind and body will tell you it is impossible to get all the acts together for the Monday. Your logical mind must make a strong move and guide you through the perils of a Monday morning. Think logically because your HR manager will not appreciate ‘Monday Blues’ as an excuse (most probably).

It is easy! You are a strong woman. You can handle the stress. Just remember to keep the planning mode active even when you celebrate your weekend. It acts as a safety valve (especially against Sunday over-drinking).

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