The Best 10 Tips Every Woman Needs To Know For A Long And Prosperous Life

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Independence is her mission, and she has a successful career to claim! Check out the following top 10 tips to live life as an independent woman. All advice here are fruits from the tree of personal experiences.

1. Sit and evaluate your life

When life is haywire and makes no sense whatsoever, it presents the perfect opportunity for introspection. Take some time to relax instead of naturally giving in to the stress.

Put your problems on paper or in the computer if that helps. Jotting down thoughts can excellently serve the needs of clarity. Make columns such as relationship issues, body issues, budget planning, and personal faults.


Be honest with yourself. However, do not overburden your mind with guilt. Do not forget to include a section called ‘best solutions’ beside every issue you note. It may take some time to get into this ‘life planning’ mode. The procrastination is natural because often there are issues that you rather avoid than face.

2. Dig deep to identify the problem area

You have to be your own psychologist and a good interpreter of the minds of others involved in your life. It is important to understand that the issue may not be the overall problem! The problem is the core area, and the issue often branches out.

As an example, if your little daughter finds it tough in the school, she is not the problem; the school is. Scolding your daughter does not solve anything; instead, it only escalates the stress. You get the idea! Follow the same observation into problem areas.

3. Not all relationships are sacred

The BIG secret to having an independent life is to subtract the unnecessary. Some relationships can be consuming and depressing beneath a surface of emotional attachment. Just learn to let go whenever it is mandatory.

Not all relationships are sacred like the one between you and your little daughter. Things can get complex because your mother may never have been the best mom you wished.

Do not follow the same loop to be a bad mom to your daughter! This is just an example, but you get the idea. Learn to make tough decisions. You must not nourish any relationship that destroys you inside!

4. Start with clearing confusions

Many people expect you to be in their molds, especially people who want to dominate you. An independent woman does not let her mind to be under the control of someone else’s whims.

Have the courage to have clear conversations with the people in question. You must be very sharp at every exchange of words. They can scar you if you are showing undue softness.

Reserve your compassion and love only those who deserve it. Do not waste good vibes on places where they are not meant to be. You have a dark side. Put it to best use in the situations that are meant for them.

5. Explore your darkness without abusing it

The differences between ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ are huge. Being negative to someone who does not deserve the flak is definitely in the ‘abuse’ category. Learn to differentiate and control the directions of your darkness.

When you are mean, be true to yourself. When you are good, be true. The final purpose makes the difference.

If your meanness is imperative to serve a long-term good purpose in your life, do not deter from venting your anger. Remember never to allow your depression to consume you. Instead, learn to vent wherever applicable.

6. Talk with a trusted friend

By now, you know whom to trust and who not to trust. However, always keep your mind open and re-evaluate your situation. Be double sure that the people you trust deserve it.

Talking about your problem areas with good friends can solve many things. Maybe, your sister is your best friend! Perhaps, you know someone who expects nothing in exchange to help you be your best!

It can be anyone! You have social media, chats, and texts for holding lengthy discussions on any issue. Always stay open to honest feedbacks but do not take in the wrong advice.

7. Put the suggestions into actions

Following the above steps offers you the best suggestions to put your life in order. Now, it is time for some tough action. Do not be afraid or unconfident to try your luck. Leave your current job if it does not affect you positively.

Of course, you need to have a roadmap to replace your job. You may want to prepare in advance and start applying to other companies while you are still engaged somewhere. Many women take the super-confident route of self-work or entrepreneurship.

The internet has avenues for many excellent home-based works. Explore your talents! Maybe, you are amazing at baking cakes! You can start a small bakery service and promote your creations via social media!

8. Do not give up

It is not going to be easy (at first)! There will be challenges that could be quite difficult. The secret to winning is to nourish the spirit of never giving up your fight.

You may need to accept the changing scenarios, but do not let go the fire within you. Keep fighting unless you achieve the best for you and your loved ones.

Soon, you will find the problems disappearing. Hold on to make your dreams come true. It can be a self-image issue. Maybe, you want to lose weight! Just keep on trying unless you win and then keep on winning.

9. Celebrate your true success

When you achieve something major, celebrate it! Go for a vacation or arrange a party with your best friends. Set out for a bar or try your favorite Ethiopian cuisine! Shopping is among the best ways of a rewarding celebration.

Set up a budget that you can spend. When you have the money, get into full shopping mode. Buy dresses, accessories, cosmetics, books, gadgets, or anything that your purse permits.

Remember to shop for your loved ones also. Your son or daughter may be wanting something for some time. Bring the kids dolls & toys, hairbands, ribbons, coloring books, or anything else you think is right.

10. Have a good sex life

Sorry to be a bit private here, but do remember to have a good and wonderful sex life. Your body has to be exclusively in the realms of your decisions. Do not sleep with anyone you do not want in the first place! Have no place for sexual compromises.

Morality is a sketchy issue because the variables are not ideal usually. It is perfectly reasonable to have an affair if you find your husband cheating or incompetent!

In fact, there is no direct advice in this case because situations differ from one woman to another. Overall, make sure your sexuality liberates you instead of enslaving you.

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