Uses For Vinegar – Unusual Ways


The best of the most unusual benefits of vinegar

Vinegar is one of the commonest condiments in your kitchen. Made mainly of acetic acid with other nutrients, it has many uses in cooking such as marinating protein, detoxifying fruits, and vegetables, or adding a distinctive sour taste in dishes.

You may already know that it is good for the skin, haircare, and for cleaning teeth. Besides common uses, vinegar, especially Apple Cider Vinegar also has several other benefits. These range from personal care to homemaking chores. Check out the following points enlisting the best of the most unusual benefits of vinegar.


It helps in weight loss: Vinegar is actually a calorie burner. You can try drinking a teaspoon of vinegar stirred in a cup of water before going to sleep every alternate night. It actually has better results than drinking lemon water (which is also acetic acid)! Vinegar also restores the pH balance of the body, and scientists confirm that an excess acidic pH can lead the body to accumulate fat as a protective mechanism.

The mild acetic acid lowers the excessive acidic environment. It lowers body cholesterol levels as well. It also refreshes the digestive system, including the liver, which is the fat burning super organ of the body. The overall metabolism boost increases appetite and burns calories effectively at the same time. Furthermore, although made from sugar, yet it helps in controlling sugar cravings.

Excess calorie in the form of sugar is a major cause of weight gain. Vinegar water can also be a very good home remedy to deal with alcohol addiction. In addition, weight loss also includes physical exercises. Vinegar also helps here. Just soak your sore feet in a vinegar bath to find relief. If you cannot soak, dab a piece of cloth in the solution and use it on the sore area. In fact, it is a wonderful remedy for dealing with arthritis muscle pain.

Grandma recommends it for hiccups and headaches: Although supporting scientific conclusions may be unavailable, yet no one can deny that Grandma’s home remedies work wonders! Perhaps, in both kinds of discomfort, the sudden shock value of the sour vinegar has a curative effect. It also relieves a sore throat wonderfully. If you cannot stand the sourness of vinegar, try helping it with honey. It is also very useful in treating ear and nail fungus infection.

Laundry uses: It is a great solution for fabric softening. Adding ½ cup of white vinegar to a tub of water softens the fabric, minimizes lint loss, and holds the colors. It also keeps the washing machine clean from the dirt deposits. It works excellently to remove underarm stains. Just spray white vinegar on the stained area before washing, and it works very well. You can also use it effectively for dealing with rust stains.

Other home uses: Acetic acid absorbs odorous compounds and it is a very good air freshener, especially if you have mildew or mold issues. It also has garden uses in killing harmful weeds. It is a sticker remover, ant repellant, and crusty paintbrush washer. Vinegar is the superpower in a bottle for the super-homemaker! Given all these uses, you may have to replenish your vinegar supply frequently. It is totally worth it!

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