What Plus Sized Means In A Real World

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Plus Size Is Beautiful In A Very Renaissance Sense

Plus-size is beautiful! Just look at the iconic women of the Renaissance paintings and you can easily get the idea. The Renaissance period of Europe (14th to 16th century) witnessed an amazing revival of humanistic arts and values in all spheres of life. Paintings from this era hold special significance.

A very ‘conspicuous’ character of the Renaissance women, so to say, is their curvy figures. From the iconic Monalisa to the painting of Diana and Actaeon, you find the feminine in her natural curviness. Then, how did what was once considered a beautiful turn to a kind of figure taboo? Well, the answer may be in the Barbie-doll fashioned world of today!


1. Do not fall to objectification

It is important to understand that being slim is not a bad thing at all! To each her own! However, it does not mean that you cannot be curvy and beautiful at the same time. This figure debate has been a major feminist issue. Heck, even the emblem of modern girlhood, Barbie, recently arrived in a never-before natural avatar! The dolls have freckles and cellulite on them.

2. Why plus size has been a taboo

This, unfortunately, is an era of objectification of the body, and women’s divine bodies have to take most of the burden. Objectifying a body essentially means making it sexy in an accepted sense so that consumers find the lure of the body attractive to buy an advertised product. It does not even matter whether the product has any relation with women’s bodies! Advertisers use nudity and slim skin show for almost everything from car tires to real estate. Since a curvy woman is not necessarily ‘conquerable’ in a male-dominated materialistic world, plus size gets victimized.

3. Get rid of social manipulation

It is important to understand that the apprehension to curviness may be the result of a subtle social conditioning. You need to free your mind of anything such manipulative and think for yourself. If you want to become slim, you are most welcome! However, do not become slim just because the society wants you to be. That can lead to desperation and extreme steps. Two Ukrainian models famously underwent extensive plastic surgery to look like living barbie dolls! You can easily understand the extent of conditioning thrust on the feminine. Get rid of all these subtle manipulations and be who you wanna be!

4. Enjoy being yourself

Plus size fashion is actually very hip and happening. You have entire online stores dedicated to providing garments in this category. Actually, you can even find decent and modified renaissance inspired dresses to grace. Do take care and do not become obese. Obesity and curviness have a fine line of difference. The secret is in moderation. Avoid indulging on excessive alcohol and fast food. Maintain a regular habit of minimum physical training. Even swimming and morning jogs can do wonders. Avoid choosing crash diet plans randomly. You may need to lose weight fast, but it can have health consequences when you are careless. Lead a balanced life, follow a good diet, and enjoy being curvy.

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