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13 Tips To Get A Perfect Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure is defined as a figure where hips and busts are wider for at least ten inches more than the waist. To accomplish that there are several methods and we will talk about each one of them giving you best tips how to achieve your dream body. Firstly let’s get straight that body shape is determined by genetics, but with exercises and diet you can shape it up, as well as with choosing right clothes. The most extreme solution is corset training.

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1. Trim your waist with exercises

When going for hourglass figure trimming your waist is a first thing you should consider. The easiest way to do it is by combining weight loss with core workouts targeted to your waist. Even though it sounds simple you can easily make a mistake that will give you opposite effect. Many core exercises can bulk up core muscles making your waist flat and wider, and that is not what you want. Choose exercises that focus on oblique and lateral muscle groups like side crunches, side planks, and pull-ups. For pull-ups, you will need an exercise bar at home or you can do them in gyms. To do this exercises properly find the instructions online or talk to professionals.

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2. Make your chests larger and shape upper body

The next thing you need for hourglass figure beside tiny waist is fuller chests. Since overdoing cardio can reduce the size of your breasts due to weight loss, you should concentrate on exercises that will build up pectoral muscles that are located beneath breast tissue. Building up these muscles will give the illusion of bigger chests while your breasts will stay firm. The best exercise for this muscles are push-ups, a dumbbell fly, and the bench presses. However, you don’t want to overdo it. To shape up your arms and shoulders do bench dips, arm circles and shoulder presses, to avoid wobbly bits around your biceps.

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3. Firm your booty and tone your legs

For the perfect hourglass figure you need a rounded rear end. Butt is the another thing besides your chest that you don’t want to slim down but instead get it firm and toned. The more rounded and firm your butt is, the more offset your tiny waist will get. The best exercise for this are lunges, leg curls, and squats. Well shaped and toned legs will accentuate your butt and tiny waist even more, plus they look awesome in skirts and on high heels. Since you want to maintain hips significantly larger than waist don’t try to slim your legs, just make them firm and shaped. Pilates, side lunges and step-ups are the exercises that will help you with this.

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4. Cardio is a must

An hourglass figure is all about curves but firmed and toned curves and not fat ones. To get rid of excess fat cardio is the best answer. It will also help you to thin your waist as well as to tone your legs. Besides of getting the figure you want, cardio will help you maintain your heart healthy and it will allow more oxygen to get into your muscles. It is the best way to burn calories and to maintain healthy body weight. Best cardio workouts are cycling, jogging, dancing, swimming, but here are many other activities that are considered to be quality cardio. You should be doing some of this activities on a daily basis for best results.
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5. Avoid processed food

Next few tips are about eating habits that will help you to get and maintain hourglass figure. We are not sure if we even need to talk about how processed food is bad for you due to its high sugar and starch content that accumulate toxins in your body. Processed food are full of salt as well, and high salt content makes your body retain water which makes you look bloated. “Non-fat” foods can be very dangerous as well since they are filled with sugars and many other empty carbohydrates. The solution is to skip snacks and eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Also, change frozen meals with homemade food that takes more effort but it is much healthier for you.
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6. Eat more small meals

To start losing weight, speeding up metabolism is one of the most important things you need to do. Diets that make you starve yourself will just have the opposite effect. Since you deprive your organism from regular calorie intake, it will start to preserve as much of nutrition as possible because it will not be sure when the food will come again. Much smarter thing than starving is eating a lot of small meals during the day. This will significantly speed up your metabolism. Also, you will not let yourself be too hungry at any point which will reduce the risk of overeating. Try to eat 6 smaller meals instead of three big ones.
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7. Drink water in large quantities

Drinking a lot of water will also help speed up your metabolism, which will help you maintain a healthy weight. Besides that, drinking water regularly will make your skin look better, as well as your hair and nails. Water also helps flush toxins out of your organism. Just one glass of water before every meal will make you eat a lot less. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for headaches, so drink water especially after the workout. If you drink a lot of carbonated drinks, try to replace them with fresh water. It will improve your health and help you lose excessive weight. When you combine exercises with proper diet you will get hourglass figure that is there to stay.
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8. Choose clothes that accentuate your waist

Besides eating healthy and exercising regularly, proper choice of clothes will be finishing touch for your pin-up look. The hourglass figure is, like we said, all about waist so to make it look even thinner, accentuate it with clothes. Clothes that nip in at the waist and then flare out from hips will create an illusion of hourglass silhouette. Belts are also a great way to draw attention to your waist. Go for all shapes and sizes, put them on dresses, pants, and trench coats. Jackets and shirts that have padded shoulders will, even more, emphasize hourglass figure. Also be sure to avoid low-rise jeans and pants and opt for high-waisted ones.
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9. Choose right bra

To have complete hourglass figure your busts must be fuller, so if you don’t have them naturally, choose push-up and padded bras. Bras that have underwire will lift the breasts, and pads will give the illusion of bigger size. If it is possible, buy a quality bra that fits you perfectly. High-quality lingerie store offer measuring and helping you find the right sized one. Believe it or not, many women wear the wrong size of bra, believing that it is their size. Good, quality and right-sized bra will do wonders for your figure as well as for your confidence. If you already have bigger breasts, find the bra that will support them properly.
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10. High heels

High heels are very important for achieving the hourglass figure. They elongate legs while they lift the butt. High heels also have a great impact on posture making you stand tall, put your breasts out as well as your butt and at the same time they give a sexy touch to your walking. Since wearing high heels can be painful if you overdo it be sure to get gel insoles that will absorb pressure and stop your feet from sliding forward. The other thing you should be aware of is that the thicker the heel is, it has better stability. Thin heels are more elegant but avoid them if you are going to stand on your feet a lot during the day.
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11. Choose clothes from 40’s and 50’s

Back in 40’s and 50’s image of perfect women body was a lot more curvaceous than it is today. For that reason, vintage clothes are much more flattering for women who want to have the hourglass figure. Flea markets, vintage stores, and thrift shops are the great place to find old-fashioned clothes. This is an especially good choice if you are going for a pin-up look. Also wearing old vintage clothes will allow you to look unique because everything you find will probably be one of the kind. You can replicate the look of the famous 40’s and 50’s stars or you can create your own style that combines vintage and modern pieces.
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12. Choose the right sized clothes

The sizes are not always the same in every brand, so you should buy clothes after trying them out and not just by looking at the tag and reading the size. Clothes look their best only when they fit to body perfectly. So when you are trying out some new jeans or any other part of wardrobe try a size bigger and size smaller and chose the one that looks best on you. The most comfortable feeling wearing something comes from clothes that fit like glove. Many people get fixation that they wear only one size and if it does not fit, or it does not fit as it should they give up on it, without even trying bigger or smaller size. Differences in brand sizes goes so much that size 12 in one can be equivalent to size 16 or size 8 in some other brands.
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13. Corset training

Corset training is most extreme and maybe most dangerous method for getting hourglass figure, but at the same time it is most efficient one. If you decide to try this, make sure you gather all the essential information to do this safely. If you are doing this for the first time chose the under-bust corset that is 4-5 inches smaller than your waist size. Also be sure to break corset before you fully tighten it. The corset itself needs to adjust to your body shape. When we say break it in, it means that you tighten the laces until corset sits snugly around your belly. Each day tighten it a little bit more. You should be able to close corset fully after wearing it for several months. You should never feel pain or lack of breath, if you do, you are not doing something properly.

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