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7 Dog Breeds Which Are Perfect for Your Kids Pet

Kids-friendly dog breeds
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The goodness of a dog is beyond exaggeration. Having a dog friend helps children to find comfort, companionship, pure joy, and relief from all the stress on the little minds. Big dogs are also very strongly protective of their families. You need to find a dog with a patient temperament. Here is a list of 7 most amazing dog pets for a family with kids.

1. The sweet Shih Tzu

Originally the lapdogs of Chinese royalty, the Shih Tzu is the sweet zen monk among dogs. They are childlike and ask a lot of attention. The flowing furs do mean parents need to take care of the dog a lot. The furs do have a tendency to get soiled, but you can always give them a neat poodle cut with a cute top knot. Do consider bringing home this adorable dog if you are the guardian of a little princess. They are kind, sensitive, and very understanding. The Shih Tzu also likes fancy fur-cuts and loves you wholeheartedly (all dogs do).

2. The feisty Chihuahua

Do not forget to meet the Chihuahua while you try to find the ideal small pet dog. The apparently furless body, the pointed face, and the relatively large ears give them a very funny disposition. Just having a small guy Chihuahua around your kid can be the source of the most amazing home videos! Probably due to their big ears, they are very alert and intelligent dogs. They can sense dangers (if any) like the child getting too close to the bed edge and alert other family members. They look quite smart in their fashionable jackets and other dog accessories.

3. The doll-ish Poodle

Bring home the Poodle for the most doll-ish pet. They are so adorable in their neat fur coats that you cannot help but give in to petting and cuddling the little soul. They make amazing companions to little girls, caring just as a best friend would. The frou-frou haircut makes the Poodle special and the fur is hypoallergenic. They love being close to children and are very helpful as therapy dogs. The highly intelligent Poodle will make even the saddest child happy! They are also very energetic and love to play with family.

4. The Sheepdog

The furry sheepdog will remind you of Ruff from Dennis the menace. Seriously, you do need a careful sheepdog when you have naughty kids at home. Acting on their natural herd instinct, they keep a close watch on the kids like a silent guardian. Temperamentally, they are exceedingly patient and playful. They love to do antics to see the children giggling. At times, they just wait quietly for your kid to finish his homework or return from school.

The protective, playful, and adorable Sheepdog is an ideal member to welcome in the family of adventurous children. Parents can be at peace knowing the dog is always looking over the safety of the young pirate.

5. The Bulldog

The English Bulldog or the small Pug are epitomes of canine patience. Their stoic appearance of resignation to all the rough handling by kids is a comforting spectacle. They always have this serious and morose appearance, which looks incredibly funny during their occasional antics. They are loving, gentle, and take their roles as a guardian of the child very seriously.

It is a complete misconception to label bulldogs as ferocious or gets them to fight each other. The courageous and gentle bulldog deserves a special role in the dog breed hall of fame. Consider bringing the dog home as the best friend your child can have.

6. The energetic Labrador

Having a dog can be an amazing way to encourage physical activity for children. In today’s times where childhood obesity is a major problem, it is imperative for children to get out of their video game worlds to the green lawns. The Labrador Retriever is a seemingly endless bundle of energy and they just love to run around catching frisbees. These highly athletic dogs create quite a spectacle jumping to grab the frisbee, of course not by paws! They are also very good swimmers and very aggressive protectors to their loved ones.

7. The Smart Guy Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever kind of defines canine smartness. They look incredibly cool with the golden fur and athletic antics. They are very protective and caring. The dog also loves playing with children. They are highly intelligent and understanding. This breed is a very popular family dog in the US and for good reasons. They are very obedient and have an infinite degree of patience around children. They are also very good as therapy dogs for children with autism and other special needs.

7 Dog Breeds Which Are Perfect for Your Kids Pet

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