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8 Natural Headache Remedies

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Headaches, such as migraines, are very common. Since headaches can occur from a variety of causes, people who have headaches seek treatment on a near-daily basis.
Fortunately, there are a lot of natural remedies which can help alleviate headache pain, including migraine. Read on in order to discover which natural headache remedies you may already have at your home.


Rutin, a flavonoid found in buckwheat is very useful for migraine pain and other headaches. Phytochemicals are flavonoids found in plants and they contain antioxidant properties, that counteract damage to cells. Also, in one study, researchers discovered that flavonoids have an effect on inflammation, which is a common cause of headaches.


A lot of headaches are often caused by inflammation, and they can be reduced by the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. Since flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it can provide headache relief. This remedy can be used in several forms, such as ground or whole seeds and oil.


Feverfew is used to treat fever, as its name suggests, but it’s also used as a natural headache treatment. This remedy has become popular about 30 years ago when a study showed that 70% of participants had less migraine pain after they were taking feverfew on a daily basis. Later, more studies have proven the benefits of feverfew in treating and preventing migraine pain.


Basil oil

This strong-scented herb is often used as a topping for pasta and pizzas, and it certainly smells and tastes good. Oil derived from basil plants is a very useful natural remedy for people who need a natural headache treatment. Basil is especially helpful for headaches caused by tight muscles and tension since it works as a muscle relaxant.

Peppermint oil

This soothing remedy helps with tension headaches. Peppermint oil contains vaso-dilating and vaso-constricting properties, that help control your body’s blood flow. Migraine pain and other headaches are often caused by poor blood flow, and this fresh-smelling oil helps to open and close the vessels which promote flow. In addition, peppermint also opens up the sinuses so that more oxygen can find its way into your bloodstream.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil smell great, and it is also a very useful natural remedy for migraine pain and other headaches. It can be either applied topically or inhaled. In ever two to three cups of boiling water add two to four drops of lavender oil if you’re inhaling lavender-oil vapors as a treatment for a headache. Unlike a lot of medicinal oils, lavender oil can be safely applied externally. Also, you shouldn’t take lavender oil orally.


According to studies, this anti-inflammatory herb is proven for preventing migraine attacks. However, once acute migraine starts, butterbur is not effective. The recommended dose is 75 milligrams twice per day.

Mint juice

Menthone as well as menthol are the main components of mint and they are highly effective in alleviating headaches. Take a handful of mint leaves and extract mint juice, then apply it on the forehead in order to treat headaches. In addition, you can also put mint tea compresses on your forehead in order to relieve discomfort. Coriander juice is also very effective in the treatment of headaches, just as mint juice.

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