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Best Practices For Online Dating



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We bring you best practices for online dating from experienced users:
Make and stick to one hour rule
Everything longer is not healthy. Looking at hunks online is not bad thing to do in your afternoons but being moderate is secret for success. If you do it too much you will either get hurt or get bored and quit it.
Write stories
Instead telling people you are like this or like that, you love this and don’t love that, write stories that will reveal those things to readers. This will make you stand from the crowd, because everybody likes to say that they are funny or interesting.
Add interesting subject to your mails
Don’t just write “Hello”, be a bit more creative than that. We will not tell you here what to write instead, it is your call but again try to stand out of other who will probably send plain “Hello” in subject line. Online community is big and interesting people catch attention easier, so make it to be your advantage.
Try to organize well
When you are looking for someone new you will send multiple mails trying to start multiple conversations, and with time the number will shrink, leaving the people you really hit it off with. But during that first multiple conversations organize yourself so that you don’t mix up the names with usernames and messages you send to each other. That can lead to some awkward situations.
Don’t share your bad experiences as soon you meet someone
Even if you feel you really clicked with someone don’t share all the terrible detail from every terrible date. It is weird and it puts pressure on the other side. Always focus on positive things, and not just in online dating but in everyday life.
Address your targets when creating profile
When creating profile you write about yourself, but you should be aware that you are indirectly writing to your targets. You want to appeal other people. If you are a girl looking for a boy you should not write about shopping, makeup or other stuff you do with your girlfriends.
Try to establish personal connections in first couple of mails
When writing your first mails make sure that he (she) realizes you took time and read his or her profile. Sending universal message is not god practice, it sounds like you wrote one message and you are sending it to everybody. Make it personal, asking questions about something you read on the profile and share something yours. This will also make conversation flowing between you.
Carefully choose your photos
We said this a lot of time already on other topics, but we have to say it again. Photos are worth more than thousands of words so be aware of that. Choosing right photo is essential for success of your online dating. It is the first impression they will get about you, so make sure it is good.
Don’t fell in love until you meet him (her) in person
This happens, so don’t let it happen to you. It is not the same, and if you see potential for a successful relationship ask him (her) to meet in person. If it works you will have normal relationship, if it does not you will not be in love to hologram.
First date – short and sweet
Plan it to last shortly, you don’t want to plan a day together for a first date. This is all about meeting, spending some time together, and processing it when you come home. Then gradually it will become something more for both of you.

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