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Get the Thin Look with These Amazing 8 Fashion Tips

Get the thin look
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You need to relax about that bit of extra weight! It is not something that you cannot handle! Just follow your diet and exercise routine and look thin in the meanwhile with these 8 amazing fashion tips.

1. Go with the stripes

Well, you probably first-guessed this point! Nevertheless, the stripes are worthy of mention again in the wonderful illusions they can carry. The vertical stripes can flawlessly create an impression of thinness for any body shape. Also, the horizontal stripes work well as well. Do not worry about the myth of horizontal lines creating an impression of width. No, it does not work that way! Instead, the horizontal lines also create an impression of fluidity. For all you know, try tucking the horizontal in the vertical! Together, the stripes can astonishingly get you to flaunt a svelte appearance.

2. Fit in the shapewear

You probably second-guessed this point too. Still, it does make sense to reiterate the wonders of shapewear when holding the ideal body shape! Shapewear garments such as boy shorts, full-body pieces, camis, and slenderizing briefs include reinforced panels that distribute the bulges by compressing them. These flatten the stomach, shape the thighs, boost the derriere, and define the waist. Besides, wearing shapewear regularly also improves your self-image perception to the thin side. Once you begin to love yourself in the close slenderness, you also make the necessary lifestyle choices helping you to attain the svelte figure naturally.

3. Wear fitting dresses

Make sure everything you wear fits snugly. Avoid all sorts of ‘inflated’ silhouettes. Ensure that the jackets and blazers fit perfectly with the shoulder edge. The sleeves should be perfect up to the wrists. Avoid wearing dresses that are too cropped and choose trousers with hemlines hitting the ankle area. Your best bet is to wear tailored dresses instead of buying readymade garments. In anything you wear, make sure it fits your body nicely. Denim is definitely among the best choices in fitted garments. Avoid draped clothes unless the folds fall slimly when covering the problem areas of your body.

4. Making use of the length

Use the length of a slim pair of jeans to create an ‘elongated’ impression. Avoid the pleated khakis, long baggy shorts, calf-length skirts, and capri pants as these inevitably create an inflated silhouette. When choosing your jeans, always prefer dark shades. For trousers, wear the non-pleated ones with slightly tapering legs. Black and navy are amazing shades to try. Leggings are also good garments to try if you need a slim appearance. When choosing skirts, choose fitted A-line skirts or knee-length pencil skirts. In winter, pair skirts with black, opaque tights.

5. About the skirts

You do not have to forsake skirts altogether! In fact, maxi skirts can go a long way when improving your silhouette. However, you do have to pay attention to certain aspects. First, make sure that the hemline is as long as you can take without risks of tripping. Do not wear flat soles with skirts. Always go with the heels! Also, choose skirts that offer a plain vertical silhouette. Avoid fancy designs such as thick waistbands, too many layers, thick pleats, or bulky pockets. Pair the skirt with a nice fitting top. Cropped leather jackets and tucked t-shirts go very well with maxi skirts.

6. The shoe tricks

While shopping for shoes, buy the ones with a low cut vamp area to create the appearance of slender feet. ‘Vamp’ refers to that portion of the shoe that covers the front. A low cut vamp just covers up to the base of toes, and when you pair it with heels, it creates the appearance of slender legs. Heels lift the feet, adding to the impression of thinness. Prefer slightly pointed toes and slim heels to complete the illusion. Avoid ankle straps and square toes. In addition, try to find shoes that complement your skin tone.

7. The monochrome trick

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book to create the impression of slenderness. Just stay away from pale shades. Instead, choose to wear deep shades that fit well. Black is the best color to adorn your body if you want to muffle the muffin tops. Other deep shades also work extremely well. Keep the silhouette crispy and perfect to the tune of your body. Wear shapewear undergarments. You can even try the quintessential corsets to bring in the shape. Monochrome dressing creates the impression of a long, vertical line, holding the figure together.

8. The color solution

Use deep colors to conceal the attention from your problem areas. So, if you have a slightly curvy waist that you do not want to flatter, just wear a deep red top. High-rise trousers reach slightly above the navel and they are amazing when holding the shape in the waist region. You can use bright floral prints and other fancy color patterns to divert the attention from the curvy areas. You can also try the belt trick. Do not wear a wide belt as it divides your appearance conspicuously and can make you look stumpy.

Get the Thin Look with These Amazing 8 Fashion Tips

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