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10 Tips On How To Be Irresistible

10 Tips On How To Be Irresistible
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Do you wonder why some women are always in long and happy relationships and have irresistible men, while others are still single?

You want to know how they do it although many of them are not even the prettiest or the smartest, and you can’t claim it to pure luck or fate. The secret is that they have something that men cannot resist. Here are 10 tips on how to be irresistible to men.

1. Fill the room with a bright smile

The more you laugh, the more you are likable to the opposite sex. Whether you are wearing sweats, messy hair, or have no makeup… It does not matter if a sincere smile is gracing your face. People who are always wearing a smile on their face also look positive and relaxed, and they look like someone with whom is fun to spend time. Also, one study confirmed that men are really attracted to white, clean teeth. It is interesting that artificially bleached white teeth are not graded as more attractive than natural white and tended teeth. Therefore there is no need for you to give money for various bleaching treatments – just make sure you follow healthy oral hygiene. And smile proudly showing your white and healthy teeth.

2. Flatter him and always greet him with love

Not only women are reserved for flattering. If you like something about him, be sure to tell him. Guys love compliments as much as women do, and they feel more secure when they know what you like on them. Another indirect way of telling him you like him is greeting him with love. Let your greeting be full of love and warmth. Hug him and give him the most beautiful smile. No man can resist a warm welcome. These two gestures will make him feel important in your presence so he will want to spend more time with you. Of course, be sure not to push it too far, and don’t be dishonest. Don’t tell him stuff you don’t really mean.

3. Be entertaining and positive

Save the seriousness for parents or business meetings, and when you are headed to meet with your dear be interesting, relaxed, positive… Guys love to have a person next to them who ace them to lighten the mood and make the hour pass like minutes. After all who else likes grungy people or ice queens. Start the conversation with beautiful and positive things and themes, say something funny, garnish the room with a smile, instead of starting the conversation with a complaint about the bad weather, annoying colleagues, or annoying boss. Nobody can resist a nice, fun and positive lady, right?! He will of course understand that nobody can be like this all the time, you are not the robot, but try to be bright whenever you can.

4. Do not mention other guys in front of him

Would you enjoy listening about his ex and her sense of humor or just how she attractive was? Of course not! It is the same way with guys, they also do not want to hear about your ex loves. Leave such discussions for your girlfriends or sisters and while you are with him make sure he feels like he is the only man on the planet. If your relationship develops into something serious the subject will surely come up, but until you pass all the beginning fazes of relationship this subject is not open for discussion. Even if he asks you about your ex-boyfriends answer him shortly and change the subject into something more positive. If you share too much he might start to compare himself with them.

5. Leave room for imagination

Not many men will be challenged if they can read you like a book. One thing is, to be honest, quite another to tell the whole life story right away. Share with him certain interesting parts, but be sure to leave a few small things or events for him to think about. Start by telling him some interesting story and when you come to the most interesting and juiciest part – stop. This will make him crazy, wondering how it all ended. Also when answering his questions don’t go into details. Short answers will make him question you more or to imagine the rest of the story. Mysterious girls tickle the imagination of men and that turns on the majority of them.

6. Wait for sex but do not forget about gentle touches

Waiting is smart and is a safe strategy when sexual relations are concerned. In addition to understanding what type of man he is in the period of dating, you will become a real challenge to him. Therefore, give him a chance to prove he deserves you and your body. Of course, make sure to let him know how much he attracts you, but do not go to all the way until you are completely sure. Gentle and unexpected touches will attract him and he will be so overwhelming. In this way, you will establish the closeness and subtly show him that two of you moved to a more intimate relationship phase. After connecting on this level the sex will mean more to both of you when it finally happens.

7. Wear red lipstick and less makeup

According to the study of Eliot Nesta, men are really attracted to the red color. The correlation between the color and interest of man is very noticeable, but it’s very interesting that they themselves are not aware of it. Thus, the scientists say the same thing as trendsetters – red lipstick is hit. Another interesting study has shown the results which can be surprising to women – men like much less makeup than we think. Respondents were given the image of women with varying amounts of makeup and were asked what they like and what they think women are most comfortable with. The researchers then asked the same question to women and compared the results. They found that men and women like the same amount of makeup, but women were convinced that men like more of it.

8. Don’t worry, be happy

It might not seem so to you, but most women are concerned, overly emotional, hurt, and angry when a man does something stupid. The problem is that, even though women have every right to be angry and to feel how they feel, constant seriousness undermines the beauty of the relationship. Men just cannot resist to women who are warmhearted, who don’t take things too seriously, especially those who know how to laugh when things get tough. If you become too serious, worried, or do not leave enough room for fun your man will withdraw and lose interest in you. This does not apply to really and truly serious things, but you have to agree that women do worry too much.

9. Be young at heart

Most women believe that with age they lose their attractiveness because their face and body show years, however, they actually lose appeal when they become old in spirit. Being young in spirit means to be uncorrupted, playful, childish, and unencumbered by responsibilities. Women in today’s society are brainwashed that if they are not young and perfect that they have no chance to attract a man. Of course, this is not true. Men feel when a woman is fresh and when she is stored away from the negativity of others’ opinions, as well as exhaustion obligations. You can always see the 18-year-old who feels like she is 40, but not so often the 40-year-old woman who knows to have a good time like 18-old.

10. Do not be impatient

Most of the men are very grateful when they find a patient wife. Don’t pressure your man. Indulge yourself during a relationship and let it develop naturally. Why is patience so attractive ?! Because it is extremely rare. Every man secretly hopes to find a woman with a setback attitude with whom he will be able to relax instead of the feeling that he has to fulfill something that is expected of him. Don’t make him feel that certain things should be done just because other couples do it. Take things slow and let everything develops on its own. You don’t have to meet each other parents at a certain point or go somewhere just because romantic comedies or society say so. Your relationship needs to be just as both of you want it.

10 Tips On How To Be Irresistible

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