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4 Simple Straight-Forward Dating Tips For Men

Dating Tips for Men
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Going out on the dates but it does not turn out O.K.? Or you haven’t go out on a date for a while and you think you lost it? Well, we give you a little reminder of what you should do so you get the girl. Not all the woman are the same, and not all the women like same stuff but here we bring you some universal stuff that a big majority of women likes and appreciates. Good luck trying them on.

Your first date should be simple and casual and somewhere you feel comfortable

Going overboard on your first date can create the opposite effect. The first date should be casual and short. You need to get her interested and then stop it when you feel that it is happening. This way she will look forward to the next date with you, maybe even call you first.

Going on a complicated and long first date where you giving your best to impress her can be too much for her, leading to not wanting to see you again, or she could soon be disappointed because you can keep up with that tempo. For your first date choose someplace comfortable, where you can talk – like coffee on a lunch break or after work.

Be yourself but do it with confidence

It is you who will become her partner eventually if things work out, so why to pretend to be someone else. You can’t do that forever so the best thing to do is to be yourself from the begging. But do it with confidence, show her that you like who you are and she will probably like you also.

Women love confident men, but when we say confidently we don’t mean show-offs, just a person who knows who he is and what he wants out of life. If you are not that kind of person you should try to become one. It will reflect positively on every aspect of your life.

Take advice from your sister of female friend

If you are doing something wrong and you are not sure what it is, take out your sister or your female friend and tell her about your last date, with as much detail as you can remember. Listen to what she advises you and try to work on those issues. Maybe you won’t agree with her then you can take another friend and if she tells you the same thing then it is time to listen.

If you don’t want to kiss her after the first date don’t invite her to next one

If you don’t feel the need to kiss her there is not right chemistry between two of you and you should probably ask out someone else. It does not mean you should try to kiss her right away but you should feel the need, and if the need is not there, well what can you do. Be polite through the date and enjoy your coffee and see if you can be friends instead.

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