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The Importance Of Mind, Body And Spirit Harmony

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Being a happy and good person can often mean different things to different people.

To many of us, It’s based on moral guidance that revolves around generosity, doing no harm, charity, empathy, and other such values to others or to the self, whereas others associate these terms with good careers, high standards of living and other material wealth.

In the esoteric world, it’s known that in order to achieve a truly fulfilling and rewarding life one must gain a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Harmony in the mind, body, and spirit is the key to ultimate happiness and wellness, and as such attaining this balance should be an important thing for every person. However, a lot of people rarely think about this.

Today, in a materialistic world many people spend their time and effort concentrating on the surface needs and demands of the body and brain, and they ignore the spirit and mind. Here are several ways in which you can actively engage in your search for harmony between your life and spiritual practice. After a short period of time, you will realize that they are one and the same. How can someone see the center within the center? Well, it’s all the very same center.

1. No’s are still yes’s

Since you are constantly saying “yes” everything in your life is happening because of that. Whether that be an unconscious habit or a conscious choice. That is what you have to look at. There is no accident and everything is simply awareness. The key to transcending all unconsciousness is awareness.


2. Actions speak louder than words

If you don’t have money, stop filling your fridge with cacao, fermented kimchi from the farmers market, maca, bee pollen, or organic goods. Take a look at what you are doing. You will be strapped for money and unable to pay your other bills. Get your priorities in order. You have to start within if you want to change an external circumstance. Look at your habits as well as your actions.

3. Manifestation and intention

At every moment you’re creating your reality. That is the power we have as humans with minds, creative power, and imaginations. However, we perceive and imagine – we create. Take a look at the things which surround you and what you have created. How is your intention connected with the tapestry of your life? If something is out of order and it needs an adjustment, look and shift it in order to navigate.

4. Trust yourself

In the Western World intuition is one of those which is not taught. For the most part, the culture in the West is obsessed with the work of the mind. Fried, frazzled and overworked minds. Get into your intuition center and let your mind to chill out. Allow your gut and instincts to react.

Get to know yourself and your heart. Your heart surrenders everything to the moment and your mind judges and holds back. Give a break for yourself. Develop deeper connections with a plethora of other vantage points, which are located within the body and also observation skills.

5. Share information and read books

In humans, or maybe just in the Western culture, the is an inherent trait of this ego character. Is it possible to just let it go for a second and appreciate what we all have to say and share? Let’s exchange all our judging for appreciating. Our only job here is to trade experiences and information on what we have seen. When you are in doubt – love, serve and remember.

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